The heaptrack v1.3.0 release is packed with quite some important new features. Most importantly, it is now possible to filter by time ranges. To do so, simply select a time range in one of the plots and right click to filter by time. Once analysis is done afterwards, you will see the delta between the two time points, which is a very useful addition to the heap memory analysis workflow.


Additionally, heaptrack finally supports custom suppression files, including support for per-application embedded default suppression lists. This can be achieved by the same API that is already used by LSAN, namely __lsan_default_suppressions, see also Work on this great new feature was sponsored by NetworkRADIUS, many thanks!

Finally, heaptrack v1.3.0 comes with a slew of important bug fixes and general maintenance improvements, including better FreeBSD support and faster analysis processing.

Fixed bug reports in this release:

A full log of commits that went into this release can be found here: