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    Clean up KDE dev scripts · 002eac6f
    David Faure authored
    Patch by Vadim Zhukov
    REVIEW: 110858
    "Many KDE development scripts were written in a hurry and are:
     * unportable, e.g.: using bash instead of sh
     * unreliable, e.g.: using of $* instead of $@ in shell scripts
     * unsecure, e.g.: using open($file) idiom in Perl scripts
    I tweaked most obvious stuff that I found. This patch allows to better integrate KDE development process into OpenBSD ecosystem, and, probably, in ecosystem of other OSes. Not saying about getting more reliable results for non-usual cases, such as filenames with non-ASCII-alphanum-characters in them.
    Given that KDE5 is coming, I think it's a good time to improve some core stuff. :)"