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    Merge kdesrc-build --run and kdesrc-run · 301b9b4c
    Andrew Shark authored
    This fixes multiple issues with kdesrc-run and kdesrc-build --run
    When using the --run parameter, the environment variables of global module were applied (from set-env options). But this is incorrect, since global cannot be treated as usual module. Its build system is defined as generic. In its prepareModuleBuildEnvironment these variables were setted:
    - PATH
    They have nothing to do with launched module's variables, except PATH, but even that was because of global install-dir matches the module's install-dir in most cases.
    The kdesrc-run did sourced module's instead (located in its build-dir). That setted the following variables:
    - PATH (the correct, from module)
    This commit fixes the broken behavior of --run, and the broken behavior of kdesrc-run.
    Fixes: #145
    Fixes: #114
    Other fixes:
    - Now the parameters after --run that starts with minuses are passed to the start-program, and not considered as options of kdesrc-build
    - When setting parameters to the runned executable, they are actually applied. Previously the run script surrounded the $@ in the quotes.
    - Fixed indentation and unnecessary semicolons in executable script.
    - Made more clear note information when launching. The debug level controls if it will be displayed.