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Autocomplete for kdesrc-run

Sebastian Engel requested to merge work/blu-base/kdesrcrun_autocomplete into master

This MR adds autocomplete for directories in ~/kde/build/ to the function kdesrc-run. So you could rather quickly get to e.g. kdesrc-run playground/utils/..., or kdesrc-run games/kmahjongg.

Major assumptions are that every individual project directory has a in its root, and that the projects root has the same name as the executable in ~/kde/usr/bin.
Moreover, I was trying to keep it 'light-weight'. That means there are some loose ends: the completion can 'break out' from the KDE home directory via ...

An unfavorable issue of this MR is, that just adding the additional function (as it is done now) will result in a convoluted --initial-setup output. That's why am wondering whether kdesrc-run should become its own shell script as instead (as much as kdesrc-build).

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