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    Warn before opening 5+ translation files · 12ec41fe
    Adrian Chaves authored
    The context menu of a folder node in th Summary view of Lokalize
    allows openning all the container files.
    While this can be useful, accidentally selecting this option on the root
    node of a large project (e.g. KDE translations) can be troublesome.
    I’ve ripped off Dolphin’s approach for the same issue here: if more than
    5 items are about to be opened, ask for user confirmation first.
    I’ve used Dolphin’s limit (5), but I’m open to using a higher value for
    Test Plan: I tested the changes manually.
    Reviewers: ppeter, huftis, shaforostoff, sdepiets
    Reviewed By: ppeter, sdepiets
    Subscribers: #localization, huftis, ppeter
    Tags: #localization
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D23953
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