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    Rewrite the front-end of · 01d73f1e
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    Inspired by the new Kontact website and the KDE website. You can preview it on my personal website:
    old: {F6568360} {F6568363}
    new: {F6819005}
    NOTE: The extractor remains the same and the generated URL should also remain the same.
    == New Features ==
    * UI is completely translatable
    * Use same design as,, ...
    * Responsive design
    == Libraries used (all FOSS) ==
    * Server-side: Symfony (php)
    * Client-side: Bootstrap 4 (sass version) and Symfony encore
    == TODO ==
    * Add Unit-test
    * Make sure the xapian based search works
    * ...
    == Accessibility ==
    * [x] Search and menu works without ECMAScript
    * [ ] Optimize screen reader setup
    * [ ] uses aria attributes when needed.
    * [x] Mobile design
    * [x] use semantic html (main, footer, nav HTML elements)
    * [ ] Check if all images contains alt
    Test Plan: None for the moment, but I will add some unit/integration tests
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    Reviewed By: #vdg
    Subscribers: chempfling, kde-www, filipf, ngraham, sheedy, GB_2, ltoscano, aacid, kde-doc-english
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