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    unify live session reboots and force reset the system if necessary · 5bb887c9
    Harald Sitter authored
    ISO still get stuck on reboot sometimes. I've tried for days to get this
    properly fixed up now and failed miserably. I am almost entirely certain
    it has to do with dodgy unit order of casper.service, but I can't figure
    out what exactly is wrong or what it should be like. ultimatley
    casper.service is a bit garbage because it needs to run some time between
    plymouth starting and final happening, when exactly is hard to find out
    and also this is shitty to test since the only way to semi reliably
    reproduce it is via openqa.... so, instead simply force a reset of the
    power if the sytem didn't properly reboot after ~20 seconds of us hitting
    enter on the 'hit enter' screen.
    it sucks massively from a test reliability POV, but it's the only way I see
    to prevent flakeyness
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