InformationPanel: Allow to refresh the panel when its displayed file changes

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Let KFileItemModel signal files that have changed and relay this signal to the information: DolphinView::fileItemsChanged -> DolphinMainWidow.fileItemsChanged >> InformationPanel::slotFileItemChanged

If the file show by the panel is changed, the panel will refresh itself.

BUG: 430095 BUG: 412902

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  1. In dolphin open $HOME
  2. display information panel (F11)
  3. in a terminal touch ~/test.txt

Expected The number of files in the folder in the information panel is updated as well as its preview

  1. select ~/text.txt in dolphin, so that it is displayed in the information panel
  2. in a terminal echo "my-test" > ~/test.txt

Expected The file preview and metadata in the information panel are updated

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