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Re-arrange the contents of the hamburger menu

Felix Ernst requested to merge felixernst/dolphin:tastyburgercontents into master

Depends on frameworks/kconfigwidgets!25 (merged). This MR will not be merged until !71 (merged) is and currently contains a lot of duplicate code from there. This MR is mostly for discussing and testing the re-arrangement. Code review on the two MRs mentioned in the last sentences has precedence.

To improve usability, the entries in the hamburger menu are changed. Maybe the biggest fault of the previous menu contents were that there were too many actions.

The new menu contents are composed of all the actions which are necessary to use Dolphin and those which are very useful and should be of interest for most users. Some menu contents change depending on the state of the application. We can be more bold in only showing what really seems necessary because this commit activates the special sub-menu of KHamburgerMenu that helps users discover all further features of Dolphin. For more information about this new menu check out frameworks/kconfigwidgets!25 (merged).

Before After
longHamburgerMenu 2021-01-24_15-18-26 Since this video was made, the "Basic Actions" menu has been renamed to "Actions for Current View" when no items are currently selected and "Actions for [selected items]" when there are.
The menu also now contains the "Add to Places" action when a folder is currently selected and "Show Target" if a symlink is selected.

The hamburger menu contains more entries depending on various conditions. The following picture shows the contents of the hamburger menu when the toolbar is completely empty and the zoom slider in the status bar is also hidden:


(In the most recent version, the zoom menu has the "zoom" icon and the "Filter..." action has been added after the "Search..." action.)

When both the menu bar and the toolbar are hidden, the KHamburgerMenu is visible as the first item of all Dolphin Context Menus and will contain the "Show Menu Bar" and "Show Toolbar" actions as the first items.

The action to open recently closed tabs is only visible in the hamburger menu when any tab has been closed.

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