[ViewProperties] Fix applying default roles and add some more special views

Kai Uwe Broulik requested to merge work/kbroulik/viewprops-defaults into release/22.04

Consider existing roles in convertAdditionalInfo

Otherwise all default overrides for roles we perform in this class are moot.

Now that they work:

Apply better default roles for special views

This adds the following additional special view modes (some of them were already there but broken because they weren't applied, or were changed to have better defaults now that they are actually used):

  • Recent Files and Recent Documents, timeline: Details view with Name, Path, Modified
  • Search For Images: Icon view with Name, Dimensions, Date Time of the Picture
  • Search For Audio: Details view with Name, Artist, Album, Duration
  • Search For Videos: Icon view with just Name
  • Search For everything else, including Documents: Details view with Name, Path, Modified
  • Trash: Details view with Name, (Original) Path, Deletion Time

I think this should go into 22.04, but please test whether all the custom view modes are applied properly. In doubt for testing delete (rename) your ~/.local/share/dolphin/view_properties to reset it to defaults.

Seems to work fine, the only issue is that Dolphin resizes the "Path" column to fit and it might shift the "modified" column out of view (scroll horizontally)

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