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Feature/keyboard activity

Adding keyboard interactivity recording and playing in a single window

Current behaviour:

  • For starting keyboard recording the user should use the command ak (add keyboard)
  • Currently any keyboard key is clicked is recorded in an buffer
  • Whenever the user press esc the recorded buffer is written to the test script file using json.dumps and with a keyword "writeRecordedKeys"
  • Example of recorded word "key" --> writeRecordedKeys ["k", "e", "y"]
  • Whenever the use do another action than writing on keyboard the buffer is also written to the script file
  • During running the script the keys are parsed and played with
  • The esc will exit from the creator cli if keyboard activity is turned of even by a previous esc or sk (stop keyboard)


  • Works on a single window (no modal windows) -> to be added after modal window is done
  • Keyboard modifiers and shortcuts are not supported -> more investigation

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