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    First ready-for-testing version of the Transform Mask functionality · 18db77f3
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    1) Just create a Transform Mask and edit it with usual Transform Tool
    2) All the transformation modes are supported.
    2.1) Affine transforms (Free and Perspective) have dynamic preview. That
         is you can paint on a layer and the mask will be updated dynamically
    2.1) The other types are updated "statically", that is after 3 sec after
         the last change in the original layer.
    Question for testers: isn't this 3 sec delay too long? Probably we should
                          make it shorter?
    3) The transformation is written into the mask after you click Apply button.
    4) The quality of the affine preview and the final transform (after 3 sec
       delay) differs a bit. That is expected.
    5) You can also apply a transform mask onto a Clone Layer, which will
       allow you painting in 3D-perspective dynamically.
    Please test it in krita-chili-kazakov branch :)
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