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    This is a big one. The colorspaces now have · 82df3900
    Casper Boemann authored
    profiles as attributes rather the being two 
    seperate entities.
    The colorspace registry has been replaced by a 
    colorspace_factory_registry. Each colormode (eg 
    rgb_u08) has a factory that make colorspaces. So 
    now we can have many colorspaces, but only when 
    they have different profiles.
    The new registry handles it so that colorspace 
    instances are still shared.
    Some colorspaces do not have profiles. Wet is one 
    of those.
    I can't guarantee that there will be no fallout or 
    Nothing new featurewise in this commit, although it 
    does open the possibilities for future colorspace 
    independence, which we all know IS a big thing.
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