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    Added KisAbstractProjectionPlane interface for Layer Styles and other modes · b85c89b4
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    KisAbstarctProjectionPlane makes the abstractions of a merge'able entity.
    It regenerate() it when the entity is filthy, fetches need/change/accessRect()
    when needed and apply() the entity to the global projection finally.
    Now KisAsyncMerger and Kis*Walker use this interface only, instead of
    old-fasioned direct methods of KisNode/KisLayer.
    The general idea is:
    KisLayer uses all its internal framework to generate a projection()
    device. The user sets a layer style on a layer by setting a special
    projectionPlane() interface, which wraps this generated prejection()
    data into Layer Styles.
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