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    And suddenly Krita becomes an expensive image viewer instead of a capable · fba2674c
    Halla Rempt authored
    paint app.... Okay, let's break this down:
    * All contact with tools now goes through a tool proxy (this turned
    out to work best, in the end, out of the three approaches I tried. I
    still think it's a pity I had to give up on the event filter approach, 
    that was way cool).
    * I ported Kivio, Karbon and KWord to this system
    * Krita now has a KoCanvasBase based canvas, but cannot yet handle flake
    shapes, so don't click on the flake tools appearing in the toolbar.
    * Krita now shows bits of layers that fall outside the image. This is cool.
    * And the checks work.
    * Fix a couple of krita file filters 
    * Port Krita's tools
    * Port the changes in kisdoc since my fork to kisdoc2
    * Implement the tool-per-pointing-thingy 
    * Implement switching the tool based on what we thing the user is holding in
    his hand.
    * Implement zooming in Krita's canvas
    * Port Krita's opengl canvas (should be easy, but I don't understand it)
    * Re-add all the bits of gui, like dockers, filters, menu's and so on that
    I chopped off
    svn path=/trunk/koffice/; revision=597291
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