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    Fix a crash when creating a text shape · eb611609
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    Every KoShapeController used to reset the global "shape document" in its
    KoDocumentResourceManager. The problem is that in Krita we have multiple
    KoShapeController-s, but the resource manager is the only one. It means
    that every shape selection or shape layer used to reset the pointer to
    the global "shape document" to its own one. The only reason why we didn't
    have too many crashes is that almost noone uses this "shape document".
    Ideally we should:
    1) Remove KoDocumentResourceManager::GlobalShapeController resource. This
       resource is not global to the document, but is created per-layer. The only
       user of it atm is the legacy text tool, which should be deprecated.
    2) Remove KoDocumentResourceManager at all. There is no much use of it
       anymore. Its main user is legacy text tool.
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