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Debug buttons in debug toolview

Akseli Lahtinen requested to merge work/alahtinen/debug-buttons-in-toolview into master

Debug buttons show up in debug toolview like this:


The continue and start button is combined, since there's not much reason to have different buttons for the two.

The toolbar is still there for those wanting more fine grained control + more features. But these are the basic debug features that are always visible:

  • Start/Continue
  • Stop
  • Jump in
  • Jump over
  • Jump out
  • Run to cursor
  • Restart

The buttons follow same actions as the toolbar buttons, so they're basically same thing in different place. They get disabled and enabled similar ways.

I thought about hiding these buttons when toolbar is visible but decided against it.

  • Personally I don't mind if they show up even if toolbar is visible, because someone may want just to have breakpoint button in toolbar and rest in the toolview.
  • Besides it would make behavior inconsistent when it comes to other toolbars.

Random elements disappearing unexpectedly is bad UX so I don't think they should disappear.

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