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Add a default entry for GLSL LSP client

Marián Konček requested to merge mkoncek/kate:glsl-lsp into master

Note: From $ glslls -h:

  --target-env TEXT=vulkan1.3 Target client environment.
                                  [vulkan vulkan1.0 vulkan1.1 vulkan1.2 vulkan1.3 opengl opengl4.5]
  --target-spv TEXT=spv1.6    The SPIR-V version to target.
                              Defaults to the highest possible for the target environment.
                                  [spv1.0 spv1.1 spv1.2 spv1.3 spv1.4 spv1.5 spv1.6]

This tool is able to differentiate between various flavors of GLSL. Maybe it is a good time to consider differentiating them witin KDE fameworks as well?

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