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Draft: Use documentation (and others) from completionItem/resolve

Some language servers (e.g. haskell-language-server) do not send full data for a completion immediately, and send only a stub for e.g. documentation.

This MR intends to get those completions into Kate. That said, it still currently has quite a lot of issues:

  • It resets the completion widget completely each time, since dataChanged did not cause the view to update.
    • This probably requires some KTextEditor-side changes, that I have no idea how to do.
  • HLS returns Markdown, but Kate renders it as plain text currently
  • Looking at VSCode, it seems like the resolved docs are supposed to be appended to the original docs?
    • Maybe I should add a bool resolved member to completion items?
  • I got a crash at some point, probably a missing cancel for the request.

Hence this MR is a draft, but I did decide to open it for visibility and maybe some help 😄

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