Update documentation of highlight & RegExp

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The highlighting documentation is updated, adding missing things and expanding the explanation of Dynamic rules:

  • Expand the explanation of the dynamic rules, detailing how they work and how to use them correctly. 3 examples of use are also added.

    I consider this important, since at first I didn't understand how to use them and some XML files don't use dynamic rules correctly. For example, I have seen that some files add the dynamic attribute unnecessarily in some rules (as in the RegExpr rules where captures are made), add dynamic inside the element <context...>, which is obsolete, or try to inherit captures between contexts, which isn't allowed.

  • Add explanation of <emptyLines> and <spellchecking> within the group <general>.

  • Add explanation attribute noIndentationBasedFolding inside the element <context>.

  • In the Tips & Tricks section, it's recommended to use column="0" in RegExpr rules with ^ and use non-capturing groups in regular expressions.

The regular expression documentation contains some obsolete statements, so it is also updated:

  • The special escape \w also includes underscores.
  • POSIX character classes [:class:] are supported.
  • Add description of capturing and non-capturing groups in the Assertions section.

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