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Add more options for clangd

Waqar Ahmed requested to merge work/clangd-imp into master

So, while searching for better completions I found the answer in clangd itself. This change adds two new arguments for clangd:


Limit completion results to 500. This fixes the issues where we don't get most obvious completions sometimes. Default is 100, I think but even with that we miss functions so bump it to 500. This way we will be able to get all of the functions even for very big classes.


This option tells clangd to bundle overloads into one item so you see the item as "connect(...) [8 overloads]" which I think is much better than seeing 8 overloads which will complete to exact same thing.

These options have been there since 2018 so its safe to enable them.

Edited by Waqar Ahmed

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