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    Change module name to find to support gamepad in CMakeLists.txt · 15b48b52
    Kitae Kim authored
    This commit removes two kinds of cmake warning messages:
        1. qmlplugindump failed to load QtGamePad
        2. QtGamePad runtime dependency is unmet
    You can check where the qmlplugindump tries to load plugins with shell
    environment variable QML_IMPORT_TRACE=1.
    In my case, the qmlplugindump tries to load plugins from
    $HOME/Qt/5.12.8/gcc_64/qml and there is no directory named QtGamePad.
    Instead of that, i have QtGamepad direcory. so i changed module name and
    version number in CmakeLists.txt and the warning message disappears.
    I don't know exact side-effect of this commit but i think it's worth to
    leave this commit here as a MR.