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    Revert "CMakeLists.txt: use ccache if present" · 3c171015
    Andreas Sturmlechner authored
    This was added for feature-parity with Meson-based projects; but an
    individual package is the wrong place for that. To avoid the proliferation
    of auto-detected ccache support in kde.org packages please submit such
    a proposal to kde-frameworks-devel instead, where it could be added for
    the benefit of all the projects using ECM. And more importantly, with a
    standard switch to disable it for packaging environments
    This reverts commit 007c2a08.
    Reviewers: #konsole, hindenburg
    Reviewed By: #konsole, hindenburg
    Subscribers: kkharlamov, hindenburg, konsole-devel, hiangel
    Tags: #konsole
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D24805
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