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    Fix konsole crashes when rearranging split views · c33eba8c
    Carlos Alves authored and Kurt Hindenburg's avatar Kurt Hindenburg committed
    I'll try to explain here what I saw in this bug.
    Following the BUG instructions, drag the terminal[2] and drop
    (here the "drop event" starts)
    -> the dragged terminal "ViewSplitter" become scheduled for deletion,
    but it will only happens when it is in event loop.
    -> And of course it is not in event loop yet, it is still the
    "drop event" and it call the "addTerminalDisplay" to add the dragged
     terminal to a "ViewSplitter".
    -> This makes count() counts this scheduled for deletion "ViewSplitter"
     and goes to the wrong "if".
    -> It adds the "ViewSplitter" with the terminals into a
    "marked for deletion" one, finishes the "drop event" and enters
    event loop (a crash without a memleak! everything in the tab
     is properly deleted).
    BUG: 411741
    BUG: 412596
    FIXED-IN: 20.12