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Save/Load Konsole layout from files and load from cli

Lucas Biaggi requested to merge (removed):save-layout into master

I extended the original save/load tab functionality to save/load current tab layout to a JSON file with help from @tcanabrava (With I called “Konsole layout”).

Demo example: save-load

From this, I created an option to load a Konsole Layout file directly from CLI (--layout option) load-from-cli

And for last @tcanabrava gave an idea suggesting “default layouts”, where you can load one of the 3 suggestions available in a new tab (currently without correct icons for them). The defaults layouts are the following:

  1. 2 by 2 layout;
  2. 2 terminals at top vertically separated and one at bottom (2x1);
  3. One terminal at top and 2 at bottom separated vertically (inverse of layout 2).


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