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Rename option to disable Secret Service to make it more user-friendly

Guilherme Marçal Silva requested to merge (removed):secretui into master

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Currently, the option is full of technical jargon and there's no way users can know what the option does unless they have previous technical knowledge about it or Google what it means. That's bad from a UX perspective.

As far as end-users are concerned, disabling that option allows third-party services like KeePassXC to work. So, to make the option more user-friendly, simplify the option's name and add a description below.

I removed "D-bus API" in the title because it's not necessary to communicate what the option is about, however, @nicolasfella pointed out that users that do know what they're looking for might benefit from the "Secret Service" label, so I'm keeping it. If this MR gets approved I'll try adding a keyword to the KWallet KCM so users can find it by searching for "Secret service" on System Settings.

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