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    Redo version checking approach for activity/silence monitoring. · 4b18da10
    Eike Hein authored
    Due to moc's limitations we end up having non-useful slots in the
    D-Bus interface on <4.7.1. Unfortunately it's not possible to
    toggle the scriptable flag on a QMetaMethod at runtime, and
    QDBusConnection::registerObject() can't deal with an OR'd combo
    of ExportScriptableSlots and ExportAdaptors, so it's not possible
    to stuff the extra slots into a QDBusAbstractAdaptor subclass
    either. I stopped short of duplicating the entire object inter-
    face plus extra slots in an adaptor to toggle between the two at
    runtime - as much as I hate sloppy D-Bus interfaces, that would
    just be too ugly in terms of code. Maybe I'll find an acceptable
    way later.
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