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Support dark images for patron logos

Phu Nguyen requested to merge work/dark-patrons into master
  • Gather images from ev site and from footer
  • Update Canonical logo, add dark images for google, suse, kfocus, gnupg
  • There are no dark images for slimbook, tuxedo, and blue-systems, so set background to white
  • No more need to have another background color for the kPatrons section in footer


Current Light Screenshot_20230707_222216

Proposed Light Screenshot_20230721_203418

Current Dark Screenshot_20230721_142727

Proposed Dark Screenshot_20230721_203433

The same CSS will be applied to patron logos on to have it like the following:

Light Dark
Current Screenshot_20230707_223235 Screenshot_20230721_143201
Proposed Screenshot_20230721_203514 Screenshot_20230721_203508
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