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Update Windows binary URL to a more up-to-dated version

From we can download binary release for different platforms like Windows, but the "Kate release (64bit) installer" pointed to "kate-21.12.3-1589-windows-msvc2019_64-cl.exe" which is an old version and that version have some usability issue for dark theme user (it cannot "remember" the dark theme that user was selected, next time when launching Kate, it will always be the default theme). If we download the binary release from binaryfactory (at, "kate-21.12.3-1589-windows-msvc2019_64-cl.exe" currently), it will be okay and also up-to-dated.

I saw we also have 22.08.1 Kate binary so I updated the link to here instead of the binaryfactory release, hope it's okay.

btw, seems doesn't have the kate-editor website project listed under there, where is the correct place to report website issue like this one?


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