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    krita_xgettext.sh: Fix modification of multiline msgctxt tags · b1ce7439
    Alexander Potashev authored
    For a message like this:
      msgctxt ""
      "context string"
      msgid "original text"
    the former code changed the msgctxt and also added
      msgctxt "(qtundo-format)"
    because it did not find the existing msgctxt on the previously line
    w.r.t. msgid.
    To fix the problem, we additionally check:
      lastLine !~ /^"/
    Thanks to Luigi Toscano for noticing and for his patch that does
    basically the same.
    CCMAIL: luigi.toscano@tiscali.it
    Reviewers: rempt, ltoscano
    Reviewed By: rempt, ltoscano
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D1203
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