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Add "sort by" "As File Manager" menu option

In continuation to the work in MR !219 (merged), here is the UI part.

Unfortunately, the code in !219 (merged) didn't survive as I figure a much nicer location to track the status of file manager sorting - in the Gwenview internal sorting model, so it was moved there and the rest of the code became much nicer.

Important: this MR should not be merged - I'm posting it to get feedback on the code and the UX, though the solution is not complete.

Things I would also like to achieve:

  • The menu action should show what type of sort the file manager have us sort by.
  • The "Descending" checkbox should also track what the file manager said, and clicking on it would disconnect "sort by file manager".
  • There should be a configuration option for the user to disallow sorting with the file manager.

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Edited by Oded Arbel

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