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    Add mobile layout · 7bb83f95
    Devin Lin authored
    This commit is the culmination of !205
    Notable Changes:
    - Added mobile folder with components needed for mobile (and are separator from desktop components)
    - Changed tst_NavigationActionBar test so that it does not check for artist button when it is invisible (loaders are used now so the button wouldn't be detected)
    - Added loaders in ContentView.qml to switch between the mobile and desktop sidebars
    - Changed ContextView.qml to use FormLayout, and also add mobile navigation buttons
    - Collapsed the two list delegates (detailed and non detailed) together, along with edits for mobile usage
    - Lowered the size of text in list delegates
    - Extracted out the settings form to be shared between mobile and desktop
    - Edited the grid delegate to be mobile friendly
    - Removed clip from both listviews and gridviews for performance
    - Extracted out the volume slider and duration slider to be shared for mobile and desktop
    - Add mobile and desktop component switching for MediaPlayListView.qml
    - Port the metadata view into Kirigami FormLayout so that it can be shared between mobile and desktop
    - Rework NavigationActionBar buttons to all be components loaded in by loaders, so that we can have different layouts for mobile and desktop
    - Extract shared properties for playlist delegates between mobile and desktop into BasePlayListDelegate.qml
    - Extract shared properties between media players on mobile and desktop into BasePlayerControl.qml