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  • 2.0.2
    6a2fce52 · Bump version to 2.0.2 ·
    Kaffeine version 2.0.2
    - Several cleanups and fixes on development/deployment tools;
    - A new minor feature:
      mainwindow: Improve the Tray menu handling
    - Add support for building with Qt5.5 and KF5.11 (useful to build it
      for OpenSuse 13.2)
    - Lots of fixes:
      dvbliveview: create the DVB pipeline at /run/user/<uid>
      dvbliveview: clean empty EPG data when displaying OSG
      vlcmediawidget: Improve the mouse unhide mechanism
      dvbconfigdialog: save DVB device config when dialog is accepted
      dvb: flush channel lists when the channel scan box is closed
      dvbcam_linux: fix signal connect
      mainwindow: be sure to finish Kaffeine when the main window closes
      mainwindow: show window if minimized and a tray action is called
      dvbepgdialog: move Ok/Cancel buttons to the botton of the layout
      dvbchanneldialog: Add OK/Cancel buttons at the channel edit box
      fix wrong desktop file id, see
      install appdata + desktop files with new names
      use org.kde schema for the desktop file
      fix wrong name of appdata file
      src/kaffeine.desktop: add several missing mime types
      Fix desktop file
      CMakeLists.txt: Fix some warnings and make doc build optional
      rename kaffeine.appdata.xml to org.kaffeine.appdata.xml
      main: call setApplicationDomain earlier
      dvbrecording: don't use epgModel when app is closing
      Add documentation to the build system
      main: add translators to the About window
      main: move aboutData to the KaffeineApplication constructor
      main.cpp: set application data after creating QApplication
      mainwindow: re-add support for --tempfile option
      main: fix command line argument parsing
      update the list of supported extensions and mime types
      dvbsi: fix some errors at the ISDB-T terrestrial delsys descriptor
  • 2.0.1
    Kaffeine version 2.0.1
    - Fix the usage of global scanfile.dvb;
    - Reduce the size of the latitude/longitude validation icon;
    - Fix some a regresion at dvbdevice_linux;
    - Fix DVB live view play/pause logic;
    - Add support for playing DVB after stop;
    - Show play time while playing from DVB.
    It also adds a TODO file with some things to be fixed on a next
    This version fix some bugs at Kaffeine
  • v2.0.0
    8e5eb755 · Bump version to v2.0.0 ·
    Kaffeine version 2.0.0
    Ported to Qt5/KF5
    Add support for DVB-T2
    Lots of bugs fixed
  • v1.4.0
    Kaffeine version 1.4.0
    Use libdvbv5 and add suport for ISDB-T.
  • v1.3.2
    Kaffeine version 1.3.2
    This version is the last one without libdvbv5.
  • likely-1.2.2
    2da9df1e · fix build for gcc 4.7 ·
  • v1.2
    85916240 · prepare for 1.2 ·