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  • v2.0.18   Tagging 2.0.18
    3b492529 · Bump to version 2.0.18 ·
  • v2.0.17   Tagging 2.0.17
    ccf46ac8 · Bump version to 2.0.17 ·
  • v2.0.16-2   Tagging 2.0.16-2
  • v2.0.16   Tagging 2.0.16
  • v2.0.15   Tagging 2.0.15
    fda6c289 · man: update release info ·
  • v2.0.14   Tagging 2.0.14
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  • v2.0.13   Tagging 2.0.13
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  • v2.0.12.1   Tagging 2.0.12
  • v2.0.12   Tagging 2.0.12
  • v2.0.11   Tagging 2.0.11
  • 2.0.10   Bump to version 2.0.10 - Fix video resize and scale factor issues; - Handle parameters when there's a running instance and a new kaffeine is called with some URL. - Updated scanfile.dvb. Signed-off-by: Mauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab@s-opensource.com>
    ad606973 · Bump to version 2.0.10 ·
  • 2.0.9   Bump version to 2.0.9 - Fix build at tarball
    37a0adf6 · Bump version to 2.0.9 ·
  • 2.0.8   Bump to version 2.0.8 Added Norwegian Nynorsk translation to .desktop files.
    b7c1fd07 · Bump to version 2.0.8 ·
  • 2.0.7   Bump to version 2.0.7 Changes visible to the user: - Add support for H-265 video streams; - Organize debug logs per category, using QLoggingCategory.
    cde15be3 · Bump to version 2.0.7 ·
  • 2.0.6   Bump version to 2.0.6 This version brings a bunch of fixes: - Autoscan should now seek also for DVB-T2 channels, on devices that support it; - Implement systray show/hide - EPG algorithm improved to reduce CPU usage - Unmute audio when the player instance is created (e. g. Kaffeine is loaded) - Some visual improvements to show <Close> instead of <Ok>/<Cancel> on some windows - Some changes to allow improvements at translations - A new record is now enabled when created - Add support for multipoint LNBf, where DiSEqC is not used - Fix DiSEqC LNBf satellite select - Don't ignore weak signals on DVB-T - Handle special case on devices with a single demux, but multiple frontends - Add support for DVB-T2 multistream - better report errors when VLC is not found - synchronize DVB scan file with latest upstream version
    bd64b1ba · Bump version to 2.0.6 ·
  • 2.0.5   Bump version to 2.0.5 This is a small set of fixes for kaffeine: - ISDB-T Brazil TOC entries were displayed with an offset of 3 hours; - A newly-created recording entry should default to enable; - CMakeLists.txt was including ECM config twice, causing build failures with newer versions of cmake; - Don't quit while recording without explict ack from the user; - Fix handling of subtitles for DVB streams; - Prevent VLC build warnings with version 3.0.0-git; - Handle the new VLC 3.0 ES change events; - List the proper MIME tipe for open directories; - Fix a minor typo at documentation and fix update_mimetypes.sh.
    ab55d9d0 · Bump version to 2.0.5 ·
  • 2.0.4   Bump version to 2.0.4 The changes made on the 103 patches since version 2.0.3 aren't small: 148 files changed, 3930 insertions(+), 2344 deletions(-) I almost released it as 2.1.0 ;) Yet, those changes were all meant to make Kaffeine's more reliable, fixing bugs. The main changes are: - Fix support for DVB-S/S2 and improve LNBf selection; - Add an option to scan other NIT tables; - Fixes at the EPG logic for DVB, ISDB and ATSC; - Addition of content and parental rating for DVB and ISDB-Tb; - Revamped bar gauge showing signal and S/N in dB, if available; - Kaffeine Handbook is ready for shipment; - Man pages is ready for shipment; - The Kaffeine will now honour the icons from the KDE theme, if available.
    e7b5f1b8 · Bump version to 2.0.4 ·
  • 2.0.3   Bump to version 2.0.3 Lots of bug fixes on 33 patches: - Add a menu to allow specifying arguments passed to libVLC; - Fix a build brakage when DVB is selected on build; - Some cleanups at the build dependencies; - New translation added: Russian; - Several small fixes.
    2295f2af · Bump to version 2.0.3 ·
  • 2.0.2   Kaffeine version 2.0.2 - Several cleanups and fixes on development/deployment tools; - A new minor feature: mainwindow: Improve the Tray menu handling - Add support for building with Qt5.5 and KF5.11 (useful to build it for OpenSuse 13.2) - Lots of fixes: dvbliveview: create the DVB pipeline at /run/user/<uid> dvbliveview: clean empty EPG data when displaying OSG vlcmediawidget: Improve the mouse unhide mechanism dvbconfigdialog: save DVB device config when dialog is accepted dvb: flush channel lists when the channel scan box is closed dvbcam_linux: fix signal connect mainwindow: be sure to finish Kaffeine when the main window closes mainwindow: show window if minimized and a tray action is called dvbepgdialog: move Ok/Cancel buttons to the botton of the layout dvbchanneldialog: Add OK/Cancel buttons at the channel edit box fix wrong desktop file id, see https://www.freedesktop.org/software/appstream/docs/chap-Metadata.html install appdata + desktop files with new names use org.kde schema for the desktop file fix wrong name of appdata file src/kaffeine.desktop: add several missing mime types Fix desktop file CMakeLists.txt: Fix some warnings and make doc build optional rename kaffeine.appdata.xml to org.kaffeine.appdata.xml main: call setApplicationDomain earlier dvbrecording: don't use epgModel when app is closing Add documentation to the build system main: add translators to the About window main: move aboutData to the KaffeineApplication constructor main.cpp: set application data after creating QApplication mainwindow: re-add support for --tempfile option main: fix command line argument parsing update the list of supported extensions and mime types dvbsi: fix some errors at the ISDB-T terrestrial delsys descriptor
    6a2fce52 · Bump version to 2.0.2 ·
  • 2.0.1   Kaffeine version 2.0.1 - Fix the usage of global scanfile.dvb; - Reduce the size of the latitude/longitude validation icon; - Fix some a regresion at dvbdevice_linux; - Fix DVB live view play/pause logic; - Add support for playing DVB after stop; - Show play time while playing from DVB. It also adds a TODO file with some things to be fixed on a next version. This version fix some bugs at Kaffeine