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Draft: Multiple subtitle tracks

This merge is target to fix/update #1022 (closed). This will allow for multiple subtitle tracks for multiple languages in the same video. This is currently a unchanged branch so far but will be used to make this change

  • Use a proper id for the subtitle track instead of -2, add a Subtitle track type here
  • Add methods to create / delete a subtitle tracks, each track using its own subtitlemodel
  • Handle the avfilter.subtitle effects to put them in the correct order
  • Refactor code that is currently using subtitlemodel in timelinemodel.cpp, timelinecontroller.cpp and core.cpp to handle multiple tracks (store a list of subtitletracks in timelinemodel ?)
  • UI: Move subtitle track stuff outside of timeline.qml into its own files to make it usable for several tracks
  • UI: Update styling to ensure it applies to the active track
  • UI: Allow renaming a subtitle track
  • Handle loading / saving

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