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  • v2019.3
    b15ed421 · Release 2019.3 ·
    Release 2019.3
    A lot of changes since the last release.  On the feature side,
    probably the biggest is we've made public the internal API
    for kernel arguments, which rpm-ostree now uses.
    Other things include a new `--modern` switch for `init-fs`,
    better support in `pull` for downgrade protection, better
    use of `mmap`, support for committing archives (tarballs)
    from stdin, etc.
    Finally, libostree now supports being built without GPG,
    which is an important preparatory piece for introducing
    an alternative signature system - look for more work
    on that soon.
    Thanks to all contributors!
    Allen Bai (1 PR, 1 commit)
      lib/kargs: Make API public and upstream new rpm-ostree APIs (#1869)
    Allen Bai (1 PR, 1 commit)
      lib/util: Fix segfault when validating filename (#1868)
    Colin Walters (4 PRs, 4 commits)
      Add OSTREE_BUILT_FEATURES to ostree-version.h (#1890)
      admin/init-fs: Add a --modern switch (#1894) Rework "projects using" section (#1895)
      Release 2019.3 (#1902)
    Dan Nicholson (5 PRs, 16 commits)
      bin/refs: Allow overwriting existing ref (#1870)
      PR: #1799
        tests: Always cleanup gpg-agent when exiting
        tests/libtest: Allow appending actions to be run on EXIT
        lib: Kill GPG agent when cleaning up tmp homedirs
        lib/gpg: Add helper to kill GPG agent
      PR: #1872
        tests/test-gpg-signed-commit: Test more key states
        tests/libtest: Allow specifying GPG homedir to cleanup
        lib/gpg: Show if GPG key has been revoked
        lib/gpg: Show information for expired keys
        lib/gpg: Factor out expiration timestamp formatting
      PR: #1884
        tests/sizes.js: Fix byte array unpacking
        tests/sizes: Fix call to commit_transaction()
      PR: #1892
        ci/rpmostree: Bump to 2019.3
        lib/kargs: Don't expose OstreeKernelArgs autoptr cleanup on old glib
        tests/gpg: Skip tests when subkeys can't be expired
        tests/gpg: Use exit hook to kill agent in temporary GPG homedir
    Daniel Drake (1 PR, 1 commit)
      lib/deploy: handle FIFREEZE ENOSYS failure (#1901)
    Denis Pynkin (1 PR, 9 commits)
      PR: #1889
        tests/test-repo-finder-mount: skip some tests if GPG is not supported
        tests/gpg: fix GPG-dependent shell tests if no GPG support
        tests/gpg: fix the check of GPG support
        gpg: add dummy public interface
        lib: rename common sign/verification functions and variables
        gpg: conditionally build GPG-related code for sign/verification
        build: Conditionally build the GPG-related tests
        build: Conditionally build GPGME-related sources
        build: Add conditional use of GPGME
    Felix Krull (2 PRs, 6 commits)
      README: update link to ostree-rs (#1860)
      PR: #1861
        lib: add parameter annotations for sysroot_load_if_changed
        lib: add some missing (out) annotations
        lib: fix up some nullability annotations
        lib: add minimum version to various symbols based on libostree-released.sym
        lib: fix doc comment for ostree_repo_get_min_free_space_bytes
    Jonathan Lebon (3 PRs, 4 commits)
      Post-release version bump (#1844)
      bin: Better handle -- (#1899)
      PR: #1891
        lib/pull: Rename variable for clarity
        lib/pull: Allow downgrade protection with overrides
    Matthew Leeds (1 PR, 1 commit)
      lib/repo: Improve docs for get_min_free_space_bytes() (#1879)
    Philip Withnall (1 PR, 1 commit)
      ostree-repo-finder: Clarify immutability after construction (#1863)
    Rafael Fonseca (2 PRs, 2 commits)
      admin: allow multiple args for pin subcommand (#1874)
      lib/kargs: add missing function to symbol-versioning table (#1883)
    Richard Hughes (1 PR, 1 commit)
      lib: mmap the summary to reduce RSS in clients (#1856)
    Robert Fairley (4 PRs, 8 commits)
      ci: Split out from (#1865)
      lib/util: Drop unneeded ot-tool-util.h includes (#1876)
      PR: #1857
        lib/fetcher-util: Use GIOErrorEnum instead of GIOError
        tests: Drop unused variable
      PR: #1871
        ci/flatpak: Bump FLATPAK_TAG to 1.4.1 Work around clang issues with g-ir-scanner
        ci/build-check: Remove unused-command-line-argument diagnostic
        ci: Use Fedora 29 artifacts
    Tristan Cacqueray (3 PRs, 3 commits)
      docs: fix switchroot source link (#1849)
      docs: fix missing as typo (#1850)
      prepare-root: remove ignored MS_MGC_VAL flag (#1851)
    Tristan Van Berkom (1 PR, 4 commits)
      PR: #1862
        tests: Test committing archives from stdin
        man: Document ability to commit archives from stdin
        bin/commit: Support committing archives from stdin
        lib/commit: Added new ostree_repo_write_archive_to_mtree_from_fd()
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 0033fb6c93a0aed1518c93ac8ba153862da38e06e1e24fcae910121e36298295dff76cd7a38720e8ffa1c1899cdffd867ecd5350d9582b618eedd6172d6f5b8f
  • debian/2019.2-2
    f00f33d6 · Upload to unstable ·
    ostree Debian release 2019.2-2
  • debian/2019.2-1
    d722c015 · Release to experimental ·
    ostree Debian release 2019.2-1
  • upstream/2019.2
    Upstream version 2019.2
  • v2019.2
    80435e12 · Release 2019.2 ·
    Release 2019.2
    It's been some time since the last release, so this is a slightly larger
    one! There's lots of new features, and a few bug fixes. Some highlights
    New features:
    - A new `sysroot.bootloader` key was added to be more explicit about
      which bootloader OSTree should use. Notably a `none` value is
      supported, in which OSTree is solely responsible for writing the BLS
      entries. This can then be used by bootloaders like GRUB2, which now
      supports BLS natively. (#1814)
    - `ostree config` now supports the `unset` command to unset a key from
      the OSTree repo config (#1743)
    - `ostree remote add` now supports the `--force` flag to replace a
      remote of the same name if it exists (#1166)
    - `ostree-prepare-root` now logs a structured journal message after
      finding the deployment to which to pivot. This can be used by
      higher-level apps like RPM-OSTree to build a history of the
      deployments the machine was booted into. (#1842)
    - The staging API now supports a lockfile which prevents finalization at
      shutdown. This is intended to be used in systems like Fedora CoreOS,
      which needs more fine-tuned control between *staging* a deployment,
      and setting it as the *default* deployment on reboot. (#1841)
    - `ostree static-delta show` now prints the `From` and `To` commits for
      which the delta was generated (#1823)
    Bug fixes:
    - Make looking up collection-refs similar to how regular refs are looked
      up, i.e. first in the transaction, then in the current repo, and then
      in the parent repo (#1821)
    - Don't include the OSTree commit version number twice in the boot menu
      title. This affected at least Fedora-based systems composed with
      RPM-OSTree's `mutate-os-release`. (#1829)
    - Activate `ostree-finalize-staged` earlier; this should hopefully make
      deployment finalization more reliable by running it later in the
      shutdown sequence, when less services are running (#1840)
    - Run `grub2-mkconfig` on the filesystem tree of the pending deployment,
      rather than the previously deployed tree. This was a corner case where
      the deployment failed if a previous deployment did not exist, on
      systems where grub.cfg is used. (#1831)
    As always, thanks to all the contributors!
    Colin Walters (5 PRs, 8 commits)
      Post-release bump (#1800)
      static-delta: Change `show` to display from/to commits (#1823)
      prepare-root: Fix compilation with --with-static-compiler (#1846)
      PR: #1803
        lib/commit: Don't set user.ostreemeta for bare → bare-user-only imports
        lib/commit: Set xattr on correct fd for bare-user → bare-user imports
        lib/commit: Fix bare → bare imports
      PR: #1806
        ci/rpmostree: Bump to 2019.1
        ci/rpmostree: Fix use of `fatal`
    Dan Nicholson (1 PR, 3 commits)
      PR: #1166
        remote-add: Add --force option to add or replace remote
        man: Document remote add --if-not-exists option
        repo: Add OstreeRepoRemoteChange replace operation
    Jeremy Bicha (1 PR, 1 commit)
      tests: Update for glib 2.59.2 (#1818)
    Jonathan Lebon (6 PRs, 9 commits)
      lib/deploy: Don't include version twice in bootmenu title (#1829)
      boot: Activate ostree-finalize-staged even earlier (#1840)
      ostree-prepare-root: Log journal message after finding deployment (#1842)
      Release 2019.2 (#1844)
      PR: #1841
        lib/deploy: Support locking deployment finalization
        lib/deploy: Write to journal if nothing to finalize
        lib: Add ot_journal_* helper macros
      PR: #1843
        lib/sysroot: Match deployment /usr mode for overlay
        lib/sysroot: Call `chmod` on overlay dirs when unlocking
    Laurent Bonnans (1 PR, 1 commit)
      lib/repo: fix leak of `bootloader` field (#1837)
    Matthew Leeds (11 PRs, 17 commits)
      tests: Don't skip collection-based summary test (#1804)
      lib/repo-pull: Allow the keyring remote to be overridden (#1810)
      lib/repo-pull: Fix docs for n-network-retries option (#1812)
      lib/repo: Fix Since: annotation for REMOTE_CHANGE_REPLACE (#1813)
      tests: Remove unused includes in libostreetest.c (#1815)
      man: Document ostree --version (#1820)
      lib/repo-refs: Resolve collection-refs in-memory and in parent repos (#1821)
      lib: Check for http_proxy being the empty string (#1835)
      PR: #1743
        ostree/config: Check for too many args
        man/ostree-config: Consistently use GROUPNAME placeholder
        ostree/config: Use g_autoptr instead of goto
        ostree/config: Add an "unset" operation
      PR: #1825
        lib/repo-refs: Allow resolving local collection-refs
        lib/repo-refs: Add a flag to exclude listing from refs/mirrors
        lib/repo-refs: Fix resolving collection-refs
      PR: #1834
        tests: Put a regex in quotes
        tests: Escape periods when appropriate
    Micah Abbott (1 PR, 1 commit)
      README: add note about Liri OS (#1802)
    Robert Fairley (3 PRs, 9 commits)
      PR: #1814
        Add sysroot.bootloader repo config key
        libotutil: Rename to ot_keyfile_get_string_list_with_separator_choice()
        tests/test-config: Remove extra space
        ostree-grub-generator: Comment wording fix
        (and 1 commit from other author)
      PR: #1831
        grub2: Generate config from pending deployment
        tests/test-admin-deploy-none: Split grub.cfg directory and file creation
        tests/test-admin-deploy-none: Update comment for #1774 status
      PR: #1839
        tests/test-config: Fix regex causing Debian test failure
        travis: Update to Debian Stretch
    Robert Fairley (1 PR, 1 commit)
      PR: #1814
        libotutil: Add ot_keyfile_get_value_with_default_group_optional()
        (and 4 commits from other authors)
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 1a900dac71e960a425bbf4252b91287f0c4a68719d21f719aa2a7741c8923905b9dd0c1b95eb5acbdc0b3dd2d7b4dab45b8c93847081a3eb9f1faca7d0d6cb63
  • debian/2019.1-1_bpo9+1
    ostree Debian release 2019.1-1~bpo9+1
  • debian/2019.1-1
    5704cdb3 · Upload to unstable ·
    ostree Debian release 2019.1-1
  • upstream/2019.1
    Upstream version 2019.1
  • v2019.1
    13bcc496 · Release 2019.1 ·
    Release 2019.1
    This is the first libostree release of 2019; no big changes, just a collection of smaller
    features and bugfixes.
    On the features side, a good example is:
    `lib/repo: Search a list of paths in gpgkeypath for gpg keys`
    from PR #1773 - this will be useful for Fedora which rotates GPG keys
    across releases.
    Another feature is `grub2: add support for devicetree`
    from PR: #1790
    `lib/kargs: allow empty-list arguments` i.e.  PR #1785 is between a
    bugfix and feature - it ensures libostree supports "empty list" kernel
    There's also some ongoing work to have libostree be a "backend"
    for OCI/Docker container storage; `checkout: honor opaque checkouts`
    in PR #1486 is part of that.
    `pull: If built with --disable-http2, allow enabling via http2=1` from
    PR #1798 will allow people to more easily play with HTTP2 if
    it's disabled by default.
    Thank you to all contributors!
    Alexander Larsson (1 PR, 1 commit)
      Fix leak in ostree_content_stream_parse() (#1784)
    Colin Walters (6 PRs, 8 commits)
      lib/commit: Try checksum+hardlink for untrusted local same-uid repos (#1776)
      Update libglnx (#1781)
      ci/papr: Drop insttests (#1783)
      pull: If built with --disable-http2, allow enabling via http2=1 (#1798)
      PR: #1766
        ci: Add `dist-then-build` target to catch missing `EXTRA_DIST`
        build-sys: Dist ostree-finalize-staged.path
      PR: #1800
        Post-release bump
        Release 2019.1
    Giuseppe Scrivano (1 PR, 1 commit)
      checkout: honor opaque checkouts (#1486)
    Jonathan Lebon (7 PRs, 7 commits)
      bin/refs: Disallow creating broken aliases (#1768)
      bin/pull-local: Add --commit-metadata-only (#1769)
      lib/commit: Copy user.ostreemeta only for bare-user (#1771)
      lib/commit: Add devino_cache_hits to txn stats (#1772)
      bin/pull: Add URL metavar for --url switch (#1782)
      boot/grub2: Add some more explanation in ostree-grub-generator (#1791)
      PR: #1761
        ostree/main: Wrap `Version` in `--version` in quotes
        (and 1 commit from other author)
    Luca Bruno (1 PR, 1 commit)
      lib/kargs: allow empty-list arguments (#1785)
    Matthew Leeds (1 PR, 1 commit)
      lib/repo: Clarify docs for importing w/ trust (#1777)
    Matthias Clasen (1 PR, 2 commits)
      PR: #1788
        Fix a small leak in ostree_repo_remote_list_collection_refs
        Fix a small leak in ostree_repo_pull_with_options
    Rafael Fonseca (2 PRs, 2 commits)
      admin/status: Correctly check GPG signature (#1787)
      admin/status: test GPG signature check (#1797)
    Ricardo Salveti (1 PR, 1 commit)
      grub2: add support for devicetree (#1790)
    Sinny Kumari (1 PR, 1 commit)
      atomic-upgrades doc: fix example url to fetch a ref checksum (#1795)
    Umang Jain (3 PRs, 3 commits)
      lib/repo-commit: Relax min-free-space check in prepare_transaction() (#1779)
      man/ostree.repo-config: Update min-free-space-* docs (#1786)
      PR: #1761
        Post-release version bump
        (and 1 commit from other author)
    rfairley (1 PR, 1 commit)
      lib/repo: Search a list of paths in gpgkeypath for gpg keys (#1773)
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: e27d4941f2f4304c9d7afac93995bd47f0b25b186bd8436a2058bfb58258b12f03852ba775ed64436a5c5b1d53e52f33c1c9f065cfec993b96777a700e49da8b
  • debian/2018.9.1-1_bpo9+1
    ostree Debian release 2018.9.1-1~bpo9+1
  • debian/2018.9.1-1
    08868c7b · 2018.9.1-1 ·
    ostree Debian release 2018.9.1-1
  • upstream/2018.9.1
    Upstream version 2018.9.1
  • v2018.9
    f3eba6bc · Release 2018.9 ·
    Release 2018.9
    It's been two months since our last release, so this one is slightly
    larger than usual (the ~monthly cadence).  It's mostly bugfixes
    again, although there were some API additions and new
    configuration options.
    These new features are things like:
     - Allow disabling pulling from LAN/USB/Internet (#1758)
     - lib/repo: Add an API to get min-free-space-* reserved bytes (#1715)
     - OstreeMutableTree: add _remove method (#1724)
     - repo: Add a checkout option to not hardlink zero-sized files (#1752)
     On the bugfix side, nothing major; we have the usual small memory
     leak fixes (yeah, we use GCC autocleanups, but still, this is C).
     Beyond that, good examples of bugfixes are:
     - finalize-staged: Bump timeout to 5 minutes (#1755)
     - deploy: Fix removing /var/.updated with separate /var mount (#1730)
     - src/ostree: Don't delete refs having aliases (#1749)
    One notable change in this release is the initrd service
    `ostree-prepare-root.service` now runs earlier in the boot process.
    This shouldn't actually affect OSes, unless there's extended logic
    in the initrd that integrates tightly with OSTree. The use case for this is
    better integration with Ignition, which will be used in Fedora CoreOS.
    PR: #1759
    Another systemd related change is the introduction of a path unit:
    `ostree-finalize-staged.path`. This allows the service of the same name
    to be path activated instead of explicitly started at deployment staging time.
    This release however does not yet rely on this mechanism to give time for
    packagers and integrators to adapt to the new unit (e.g. by enabling it in
    the systemd presets). A future release will *require* this.
    Note that deployment staging is still not the default for libostree, although
    at least rpm-ostree now unconditionally uses staging, and while it
    generally worked well, we hit issues with people using slower hard drives,
    hence the increase in timeout in PR #1755 .
    PR: #1740
    Another change to call out is:
        lib/commit: Don't chown objects to repo target owner (#1754)
    We previously had incomplete support for a process running as uid 0
    writing to a repository owned by a non-zero uid, but it was never finished.
    This will likely be revisited at a later time.
    We also merged:
        lib/grub2: Support Debian-style grub.cfg path (#1714)
    from a new contibutor (thanks Felix!).  Who incidentally also
    posted recently about new Rust bindings:
    Thanks a lot to all contributors!
    Colin Walters (12 PRs, 13 commits)
      Post-release version bump (#1705)
      deploy: Fix removing /var/.updated with separate /var mount (#1730)
      lib/commit: Don't copy xattrs for metadata objects (#1736)
      lib/progress: Fix leak of GSource (#1741)
      Only verify OSTREE_MAX_METADATA_SIZE for HTTP fetches (#1744)
      rofiles-fuse: Improve error message for failure to open root (#1747)
      repo: Add a checkout option to not hardlink zero-sized files (#1752)
      checkout: Support --union-identical and --force-copy{,--zerosized} (#1753)
      finalize-staged: Bump timeout to 5 minutes (#1755)
      remount: Refactor to helper function instead of loop (#1760)
      README: Add bindings section (#1762)
      PR: #1757
        sysroot: Add error prefixing to deployment parsing
        sysroot: Update some code to use fstatat_allow_noent API
    Dan Nicholson (1 PR, 1 commit)
      lib/commit: Don't chown objects to repo target owner (#1754)
    Felix Krull (1 PR, 1 commit)
      lib/grub2: Support Debian-style grub.cfg path (#1714)
    Jonathan Lebon (7 PRs, 12 commits)
      ci: Disable f28-rpmostree for now (#1727)
      ci: Bump rpm-ostree tag to 2018.8 (#1728)
      boot: Add ostree-finalize-staged.path (#1740)
      lib/mutable-tree: Port to new style (#1742)
      PR: #1732
        lib/fetcher-curl: Prefix fatal errors with full URL
        lib/fetcher-curl: Drop unnecessary check
        lib/fetcher-util: Mark journaled msgs as LOG_ERR
      PR: #1750
        lib/sysroot-deploy: Write to journal when finalizing
        boot: Add Documentation= lines to services
        boot: Remove [Install] from ostree-finalize-staged
      PR: #1759
        ostree-prepare-root.service: Run earlier in initrd
        ostree-prepare-root.service: Use RemainAfterExit=yes
    Laurent Bonnans (1 PR, 1 commit)
      lib/fetcher: Fix some memory leaks in curl fetcher (#1716)
    Matthew Leeds (10 PRs, 14 commits)
      avahi: Be robust to missing refs in peer summaries (#1717)
      lib/repo: Clean up OstreeRepo docs (#1725)
      lib/repo: Define a metadata key, ostree.deploy-collection-id (#1726)
      create-usb: Always use archive mode (#1733)
      create-usb: Add a --commit option (#1735)
      bash-completion: Fix --repo autocomplete (#1745)
      man/create-usb: Don't recommend summary updates (#1746)
      PR: #1737
        man/ostree.repo-config: Document locking options
        lib/repo: Fix minor mistake in locking docs
        lib/repo: Allow disabling lock timeout
      PR: #1758
        lib/repo-pull: Disable LAN updates by default
        Allow disabling pulling from LAN/USB/Internet
      PR: #1763
        Rename core.repo-finders to core.default-repo-finders
        lib/repo-pull: Add an explanatory comment
    Robert McQueen (1 PR, 1 commit)
      OstreeMutableTree: add _remove method (#1724)
    Sinny Kumari (1 PR, 1 commit)
      src/ostree: Don't delete refs having aliases (#1749)
    Umang Jain (3 PRs, 6 commits)
      Release 2018.9 (#1761)
      PR: #1715
        lib/repo: Ensure min-free-space* config value doesn't overflow
        Add tests for ostree_repo_get_min_free_space_bytes
        lib/repo: Add an API to get min-free-space-* reserved bytes
      PR: #1722
        tests: Update tests for ostree_repo_get_min_free_space_bytes()
        lib/repo: Separate min-free-space-* calculation from transaction codepath
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 7d4337f3b58ddd13c825eb80c0e39ebd5f4db1368a34ba6a037264c9941b373ba594a7b9f3ac63cb85e64f475bf5589001032a7ba6da371a2c76a336b4c89c85
  • debian/2018.8-2_bpo9+1
    ostree Debian release 2018.8-2~bpo9+1
  • debian/2018.8-2
    21d62312 · 2018.8-2 ·
    ostree Debian release 2018.8-2
  • debian/2018.8-1_bpo9+1
    ostree Debian release 2018.8-1~bpo9+1
  • debian/2018.8-1
    ae8e6a3d · 2018.8-1 ·
    ostree Debian release 2018.8-1
  • upstream/2018.8
    Upstream version 2018.8
  • v2018.8
    7aa242c3 · Release 2018.8 ·
    Release 2018.8
    This release is pretty much all minor bugfixes: memory leaks,
    fixing error messages and docs, handling a race condition
    on pull with summary updates.  There's one new feature (noted below),
    and we also gained a new contributing tutorial:
    Thanks to Robert Fairley and Cheryl Fong!
    The one bugfix I want to call out explicitly is:
      ostree-remount.service: RemainAfterExit=yes
    PR: #1697
    It's surprising it took us so long to find and fix this; I've seen
    occasional boot failures that I believe trace down to this problem.
    The behavior of systemd units of Type=simple without RemainAfterExit=yes set
    is rather nonsensical; I may try to push to have a warning emitted
    upstream if such a unit is a dependency of another.
    And the one new feature is the `auto-update-summary` config option
    for repositories.  For more information, see the docs and
    PR: #1681
    Thanks to all contributors!
    Alexander Larsson (3 PRs, 3 commits)
      Fix leak in ostree_repo_list_collection_refs (#1700)
      ostree_repo_static_delta_generate: Fix leak (#1701)
      ostree_repo_pull_from_remotes_async: Fix leak of options (#1702)
    Colin Walters (3 PRs, 3 commits)
      lib/pull: Fix minor memleak in error path (#1684)
      ostree-remount.service: RemainAfterExit=yes (#1697)
      Release 2018.8 (#1705)
    Dan Nicholson (1 PR, 5 commits)
      PR: #1698
        repo: Add OSTREE_REPO_TEST_ERROR=invalid-cache env var
        tests: Test for recovery from corrupted summary cache
        lib/pull: Fetch summary if cached version doesn't match signature
        lib/pull: Add debug message when loading summary from cache
        tests: Add tests for remote summary update races
    Jonathan Lebon (4 PRs, 10 commits)
      ci: Bump rpm-ostree tag we build for tests (#1708)
      PR: #1692
        lib: Fix some logic/error-checking code
        lib: Fix some minor memory leaks
        lib: Check for NULL pointers in some more places
      PR: #1693
        lib/commit: Only auto-update summary if refs were written
        lib/config: Deprecate commit-update-summary option
        lib/config: Rename change-update-summary to auto-...
        lib/refs: Use GLNX_HASH_TABLE_FOREACH_KV helper
      PR: #1710
        ostree/config: Delete rogue printf and tweak help
        man/config: Keep cmdsynopsis for GROUP.KEY version
    Matthew Leeds (4 PRs, 5 commits)
      man/ostree.repo-config: Update min-free-space-* docs (#1687)
      lib/repo-commit: Fix min-free-space error message (#1691)
      lib/repo-pull: Use correct keyring for dynamic remotes (#1695)
      PR: #1681
        config: Add a core/change-update-summary option
        lib/repo: Take exclusive lock while generating summary
    Philip Withnall (1 PR, 1 commit)
      lib/repo-pull: Prefer object pull over from-scratch delta if ref exists (#1709)
    Robert Fairley (2 PRs, 2 commits)
      docs: Add Contributing Tutorial to Mkdocs pages (#1711)
      PR: #1694
        docs: Add contributing tutorial
        (and 1 commit from other author)
    Sinny Kumari (1 PR, 1 commit)
      src/ostree: Add --group option to ostree config (#1696)
    Stefan Agner (1 PR, 1 commit)
      Avoid race condition in case tests directory does not exist (#1704)
    Umang Jain (1 PR, 1 commit)
      Post-release version bump (#1683)
    Will Thompson (1 PR, 1 commit)
      repo: remove outdated note from write_config() docs (#1707)
    Will Thompson (1 PR, 1 commit)
      man/ostree.repo-config: improve min-free-space-* docs (#1706)
    bubblemelon (2 PRs, 2 commits)
      bin/refs: Clarify --create error message (#1690)
      PR: #1694
        docs: Add detail to and link to tutorial
        (and 1 commit from other author)
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