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  • debian/2017.8-1
    f0497209 · 2017.8-1 ·
    ostree Debian release 2017.8-1
  • upstream/2017.8
    Upstream version 2017.8
  • v2017.8
    5a5e4654 · Release 2017.8 ·
    Release 2017.8
    This is a quicker release closely following 2017.7, but it still
    includes a number of changes.  First, a lot of work is landing
    from Phillip/Krzesimir for doing "collections" and pulling
    content from Avahi/USB drives etc.  That work is still underneath
    `--enable-experimental-api`, but look for more from that soon!
    Other notable user-visible feature PRs from this cycle are:
    `lib/repo: Add min-free-space-percent option, default 3%`: <>
    `Add "pull --localcache-repo"`: <>
    An important bugfix for `bare-user` repo mode owners is:
    `lib/commit: Ensure bare-user objects are always user-readable`: <>
    Besides that we have a lot of code cleanup, CI work, etc.
    Thanks to all contributors!
    Colin Walters (44):
          main: DevelBuild=yes to `ostree --version` for devel builds
          build-sys: Post-release version bump
          repo: Squash a gcc `-Wmaybe-uninitialized` warning
          ci: Enable -Werror=maybe-uninitialized
          lib/core: Avoid NULL deref in content_file_parse() if out variable unset
          lib/repo: Split archive/bare file parsing
          lib/repo: More cleanup of load_file() internals
          lib/deltas: Port to more to new code style
          cmd/fsck: Port to new style
          tests: add a syntax-check rule for glnx_prefix_error()
          lib/commit: Clean up commit file type handling variables
          lib: Hoist unlinkat() cleanup API to fsutil, use in pull
          lib: Use OtTmpFile for static delta processing
          lib/commit: Fix fallocate size for bare-user symlinks
          lib/ref: Suppress more collection ref methods from introspection
          ci: Make introspection warnings fatal
          lib/deltas: Some style porting
          build: Don't scan ostree-remote.h for introspection if !experimental-api
          pull: Check free space when pulling deltas
          ci: Actually run installed tests again
          Port to GLnxTmpfile
          tree-wide: Misc porting to newer libglnx APIs
          libutil: Add a helper for O_TMPFILE + mmap()
          lib/commit: Refactor non-failable size indexing function
          lib/deltas: More porting to new code style
          lib/repo: Port bareuser-conversion stat to bare load
          lib/pull: Some small style porting
          tests: Fix assert_files_hardlinked
          lib/pull: Don't fetch detached metadata twice for local pulls
          tree-wide: Replace various uses of `archive-z2` → `archive`
          cmdline/pull: Print final status even if noninteractive
          lib: Add a helper to convert struct stat → GFileInfo
          lib/commit: Port a few minor functions to new style
          lib/pull: Move check for requested content earlier
          Add "pull --localcache-repo"
          lib/commit: Fix a tmpfile fd leak in static delta processing
          bin/commit: Port helper functions to new style
          bin/commit: Add '=' to --statoverride
          lib/commit: Ensure bare-user objects are always user-readable
          lib/commit: Use provided length when doing writes
          lib/repo: Add min-free-space-percent option, default 3%
          pull: Cleanly error when doing local pulls of remote-prefixed refs
          lib/repo: Immediately error creating bare-user repo on tmpfs
          Release 2017.8
    Jonathan Lebon (6):
          ci: add
          papr: build and test on c7
 skip if no busybox
          codebase: start using GLNX_HASH_TABLE_FOREACH macros
          ci: unconditionally turn on -Werror
          pull: fix GLNX_HASH_TABLE_FOREACH_KV regressions
    Philip Withnall (31):
          build: Add ‘devel’ or ‘release’ to OSTREE_FEATURES for
          lib/core: Add ostree_validate_remote_name() for remote names
          lib/core: Fix ‘Since’ line for ostree_validate_remote_name()
          lib/sym: Fix symbol versions for 2017.7 experimental symbols
          lib/remote: Fix ‘Since’ line for OstreeRemote
          lib/repo: Split out ref handling from regenerate_summary()
          lib/ref: Add OstreeCollectionRef type for globally unique refs
          lib/repo: Add collection ID support to OstreeRepo
          lib/refs: Add methods for setting/listing collection–refs
          lib/pull: Add collection support to ostree_repo_pull_with_options()
          lib/repo-finder: Add basic support for finding remote URIs by ref name
          lib/repo-finder: Add config-file based OstreeRepoFinder implementation
          lib/repo-finder: Add mount based OstreeRepoFinder implementation
          lib/bloom: Add an internal bloom filter implementation
          lib/repo-finder: Add Avahi based OstreeRepoFinder implementation
          find-remotes: Add a find-remotes built-in command
          find-remotes: Add pull support to the find-remotes built-in command
          init: Add a --collection-id argument to the built-in init command
          remote-add: Add a --collection-id argument to the built-in add command
          refs: Add a --collections argument to the built-in refs command
          ostree/dump: Include collection IDs and mirrored refs in summary dumps
          ostree/builtins: Add support for collection–refs to a few utilities
          tests: Add integration tests for collections
          lib/refs: Add runtime error checking for collection ID validity
          lib/repo: Fix a typo in a documentation comment
          tests: Fix incorrect `summary --update` usage in
          ostree/summary: Add support for adding additional metadata
          lib/pull: Don’t cache summary file until its signature is verified
          lib/pull: Check whether summary is in normal form when loading it
          lib/pull: Use ostree_repo_verify_summary() to verify summary on pull
          lib/repo: Fix repo-finder deleting remote configs when run
    Simon McVittie (1):
          build: Always include ostree-trivial-httpd.xml in tarballs
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: e1c420d6528a51dc5daacaec241c6ffaa66be4ba8e07d61bad74086e6add9418a036f26f571e13ea90db482ff2985608c97faa3eb951216a0411cf062de8a4cc
  • debian/2016.15-5_bpo8+1
    ostree Debian release 2016.15-5~bpo8+1
  • debian/2017.7-1
    a8df0ef2 · 2017.7-1 ·
    ostree Debian release 2017.7-1
  • upstream/2017.7
    Upstream version 2017.7
  • v2017.7
    6729b7c2 · Release 2017.7 ·
    Release 2017.7
    The most notable thing for this release is that for flatpak users/distributors,
    this release adds a lot of (opt-in) hardening against setuid or world-writable
    files. These issues are also (to a lesser degree) applicable to ostree-based
    build systems which use the `bare-user` repository mode. A pending flatpak
    version will require this version of libostree.  More information in:
    For ostree-as-host, we fixed a major regression in SELinux labeling for
    `/etc` (only applies to SELinux-using host systems).
    Known issue: `` will fail when building from the tarball (as
    opposed to a git clone).  Pending fix:
    Besides that, there's various smaller cleanups and fixes. It's great to see
    contributors from a variety of organizations; having libostree be a shared
    infrastructure layer across distributions is a longstanding vision. Thanks to
    all contributors!
    Alexander Larsson (5):
          fetcher: Send Accept-Encoding: gzip when downloading summary
          repo: After renaming in all loose objects, ensure metadata is stable
          lib/repo: Always look in staging directory for objects
          pull: When mirroring, only replace summary if we're doing a full mirror
          static delta apply: Work on bare-user-only repos
    Anton Gerasimov (1):
          lib/sysroot: Add API to get pending/rollback for given stateroot
    Brian C. Lane (1):
          Remove the OSTREE_MAX_RECURSION limit on metadata depth
    Colin Walters (51):
          tests/ Fix with --enable-experimental-api
          ci: Add unit case for --enable-experimental-api
          tests/libtest-core: Copy rpm-ostree changes, clean up
          bin/cookies: Delete dead tmpfile code in cookie list command
          Add stub for new libglnx tmpfile API, port simpler callers to it
          lib/deploy: Port config merge logic to new code style
          tests: Add some C tests for object writing
          pull-test: Add some 404 tests
          lib/fsutil: Delete unused GFile ioctl method
          lib/fsutil: Port to new code style
          lib: Add an "is_system" member to OstreeRepo
          lib/sysroot: Add non-failable ostree_sysroot_repo()
          tree-wide: Add+run spatch to use glnx_throw()
          cmd: Use autoptr for GKeyFile
          lib/util: Some style conversion
          Add a notion of "physical" sysroot, use for remote writing
          repo/commit: Dedup metadata writing API implementations
          repo/commit: Dedup content writing API implementation
          repo/commit: In the expected checksum case, check existence early
          repo/commit: Don't renormalize trusted metadata
          repo/commit: Split up metadata/content commit paths
          lib/repo: Delete unused private prototypes
          Revert "Add a notion of "physical" sysroot, use for remote writing"
          Don't install trivial-httpd man page if not enabled
          Canonicalize bare-user-only perms with 0755 mask
          builtins/cat: Port to new code style
          lib/repofile: Port mostly to new code style
          lib/repofile: Follow symlinks for `g_file_read()`
          lib/repo: For bare-user, mask content object modes with 0775
          tests: Add a test for bare-user-only failing to commit suid content
          repo/commit: Support group-writable files for bare-user-only
          ci: Update to match current rpm-ostree
          ci: Add CentOS 7 build
          repo: Fix leak of superblock fds when generating summary
          lib/commit: Port final object writing function to new code style
          lib/commit: Drop some conditionals/clarify code in content path
          lib/checkout: Ignore world-writable dirs for bare-user-only checkout
          lib/repo: Refactor object copy import function
          lib/repo: Skip import via hardlink if repo owners don't match
          lib/repo: Import metadata via hardlink even for distinct repo modes
          lib/repo: Support hardlink conversions from bare-user to bu-only
          lib/checkout: Add bareuseronly_dirs option
          build-sys: post-release version bump
          lib/sysroot: Add some g_prefix_error() for ostree_sysroot_cleanup()
          lib/pull: Extend BAREUSERONLY_FILES flag to HTTP requests
          lib: Split symbol versioning into -released and -devel
          checkout: Fix SELinux policy labeling when recursing
          tests: Fix previous commit for selinux testing
          build-sys: Add "release build" flag, use for symbol versioning
          Release 2017.7
    Daniel Drake (2):
          libtest: allow committing to alternative branches
          Allow commits to mark refs as EOL, replaced by others
    David Shea (1):
          lib/repo: Fix annotations for out parameters
    Jonathan Lebon (6):
          pull: complete detached meta fetch before scanning
          PAPR: migrate to the new name
          checkout: don't apply SELinux labeling in user mode
          checkout: also chmod in the user checkout case
          manual: document bare-user-only repo mode
 explicitly check for uncompressed objects
    Krzesimir Nowak (1):
          lib/sysroot: Document the NO_CLEAN flag
    Owen W. Taylor (1):
          lib/repo: Don't copy xattrs when manipulating the GPG keyring
    Philip Withnall (16):
          lib/remote: Add a getter for
          lib/remote: Add internal annotations to OstreeRemote
          lib/remote: Add arguments to internal OstreeRemote constructor
          lib/repo: Add return value to _ostree_repo_add_remote()
          lib/repo: Make ost_repo_remove_remote() available internally
          lib/remote: Fix compilation with --enable-experimental-api
          build: Use AM_TESTS_ENVIRONMENT rather than TESTS_ENVIRONMENT
          lib/repo: Reindent some code in regenerate_summary() for clarity
          lib/pull: Fix a typo in a documentation comment
          lib/pull: Simplify a for-loop initialisation
          lib/pull: Drop some trailing whitespace
          lib/pull: Fix an over-indented block
          ostree/dump: Improve formatting for well-known commit metadata keys
          lib/repo: Omit deltas from the summary file if there are none
          lib/fetcher: Add cleanup function for OstreeFetcher
          lib/pull: Fix construction of a refspec to use the correct separator
    Tristan Van Berkom (1):
 Added Since: version annotations
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 5115bcfa837cf59ed3672f5c7717796091ce2e88eb3ecb75148d14055246529afc2206d8e02540d2f6cb0254bee4d29506b47dbd65212f5a0b14a846f1cc986e
  • debian/2017.6-1
    c948e18a · 2017.6-1 ·
    ostree Debian release 2017.6-1
  • upstream/2017.6
    Upstream version 2017.6
  • v2017.6
    88792f0f · Release 2017.6 ·
    Release 2017.6
    One of the most notable changes in this release is that we switched
    to using a systemd generator for handling `/var`, which means admins
    can now set it up as an explicit mount point.  We feel pretty confident
    in the code, but do test your specific setup.  One note in particular;
    the new model (obviously) requires systemd, and while we tried to preserve
    the non-systemd path, it wasn't explicitly tested.
    The work to port to a new code style continues rapidly; at this point
    most of the library is converted, with just the command line remaining.
    I think the new style is a lot more readable now that we rely fully
    on `__attribute__((cleanup))`.
    Philip Withnall contributed changes to enhance the `OstreeAsyncProgress`
    reporting API, which I think is going to be quite useful for user
    interface frontends (like GNOME Software).
    There's a smattering of smaller bugfixes; minor memory leaks, double `close()`
    and the like.  In this cycle we also beefed up our CI/testing more - we
    now test both Fedora Atomic Host and flatpak more explicitly.  Contributions
    to extend the suite to other distributions would be appreciated; for example,
    tests for ostree-as-host on Debian.  Our Travis-executed tests
    should be extensible.
    Thanks to Dan Nicholson for also fixing some of the test suite for installed
    tests, and also contributing introspection fixes for language bindings.
    Another feature that involved a lot of internal changes is our handling
    for `/etc` on SELinux-based systems.  We now label files as we go rather
    than having a more fragile separate relabeling path.  This is also
    exposed as an API, which is used by `rpm-ostree` now.  I think this
    particular change highlights the strength of "libostree" as an API
    that can be reused by higher level systems.
    Thanks to all contributors!
    Colin Walters (62):
          pull: Support deltas for explicit commits
          checkout: Fix bare-user symlink checkouts
          Bump release for 2017.5
          lib/boot: Convert bootconfig parser to new code style
          sysroot: Continue conversion of some simpler functions to new style
          cmdline: Start conversion to new code style
          repo: Optimize bare-user content object reads a bit
          repo/checkout: Finish conversion to new code style
          lib/cleanup: Port some of the cleanup code to fd-relative and new style
          repo: Add a "force copy" flag to checkout
          lib/core: Complete conversion to new code style
          Rename "osname" → "stateroot"
          lib/util: Delete some leftover pre-libglnx directory opening functions
          repo: Drop unused cache variables leftover from pack files
          repo/checkout: Cache lookups of dirmeta objects
          checkout: Merge union/add logic for copies during checkout
          tests: Factor out a
          tests/installed: New installed, privileged tests using Fedora AH
          checkout: Add SELinux labeling for checkout, use in deploy
          repo: Port object listing func to use libglnx more + new style
          repo: More porting to new style
          repo: Fix incorrect use of errno() error throwing
          lib/sepolicy: Convert to new code style
          sepolicy: Cache the value of is_selinux_enabled() to work around bug
          lib/checkout: Use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY()
          ci: Add a context for testing flatpak
          ci: Fix flatpak test pkg install
          checkout: Dedup calls to memcache ref
          repo: Delete the last use of GFile tmp_dir
          tree-wide: Convert to using autoptr(GString) vs g_string_free(...,TRUE)
          Add --enable-installed-tests=exclusive, fix installed case
          utils/checksum: Port to new code style
          fsck: Check for refs missing corresponding commit
          tests: For installed, s/test-/itest-/ to avoid in-tree name clashes
          tests: Migrate to installed on FAH
          ci: Extend FAH rootfs for installed tests
          ci: More flatpak ci fixes
          ci: Move travis scripts from tests/ → ci/
          diff: Port some to new code style
          sysroot: More porting to new code style
          checkout/commit: Use glnx_regfile_copy_bytes() if possible
          lib/prune: Complete porting to new code style
          lib/checkout: Move special case for subpath of file to toplevel
          lib/checkout: Optimize checkout by avoiding OstreeRepoFile recusion
          repo: Fix double close() in summary generation
          lib/repo: Port more of GPG and summary functions to new code style
          checkout: Plug a memleak of the state stringbuf
          tree-wide: Switch tabs ⭾ in various files over to spaces ␠
          lib/checkout: Fix regression in subpath for regular files
          remount: Drop support for auto-tmpfs-on-var; use systemd.volatile=state
          lib/remote: Box OstreeRemote if experimental-api
          lib/repo: Fix double close()
          switchroot/remount: Trim set of remounted filesystems
          switchroot/remount: Check mount status before remounting, be verbose
          Switch to using a systemd generator for /var
          tree-wide: Add a few missing O_CLOEXEC
          lib: Add "open dfd iter handling noent" helper, port tree-wide
          lib/upgrader: Port to new code style
          build: Use cd $(srcdir) instead of `git -C`
          switchroot/generator: Add var.mount to
          lib/pull: Port some functions to new code style
          Release 2017.6
    Dan Nicholson (5):
          pull: Fix crash specifying override URL in summary fetch
          commit: Mark ostree_repo_transaction_set_ref* checksums nullable
          pull: Allow additional HTTP headers for summary fetch
          tests: Install with installed tests
          tests: Look for trivial-httpd in $libexecdir
    Francesco Giannelli (1):
          switchroot: Document a bit more, add demo shell implementation
    Jonathan Lebon (2):
          tests/ fix for RHCI
          libglnx: bump and use new helper methods
    Krzesimir Nowak (1):
          apidoc: Add missing enums to sections file
    Philip Withnall (22):
          ostree: Use G_OPTION_ARG_FILENAME where appropriate
          tests: Ignore some standard automake check output files
          libostree: Rework OstreeAsyncProgress to use GVariants internally
          libostree: Add multiple getter/setter support to OstreeAsyncProgress
          src: Port to new OstreeAsyncProgress atomic API
          libostree: Allow OstreeAsyncProgress:status to be set atomically
          libostree: Get and set OstreeAsyncProgress:status atomically
          libostree: Fix a typo in docs for ostree_repo_pull_with_options()
          libostree: Add missing checks for invalid timestamps
          libostree: Fix potential use of uninitialised memory in progress API
          libostree: Ensure progress keys are all always set
          libostree: Add some additional metadata to the summary file
          libostree: Document endianness of GVariant metadata types
          ostree: Add --view mode to `ostree summary`
          ostree: Improve formatting for well-known summary metadata keys
          ostree: Use #defines for well-known metadata key names
          tests: Add a test for `ostree summary --view`
          tests: Fix regex escaping in
          build: Add --enable-experimental-api configure option for unstable APIs
          libostree: Expose $OSTREE_FEATURES in the pkg-config file
          libostree: Make OstreeRemote a public and internal API
          build: Add -C arguments to some git invocations
    Sjoerd Simons (1):
          repo/commit: Fix memory leak
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 47a502039ce8abaa83e5872560846d592fc5e38557a190c3b1101f7ea245a3eeee21be8b9aa39c1ab163dc30072d7ef495b26ba18388d4216421b73e3dfd9372
  • debian/2016.15-5
    ae54c720 · Release to unstable ·
    ostree Debian release 2016.15-5
  • debian/2017.5-1
    6aaccb1a · New upstream release ·
    ostree Debian release 2017.5-1
  • upstream/2017.5
    Upstream version 2017.5
  • v2017.5
    65008edc · Release 2017.5 ·
    Release 2017.5
    This is a bugfix release for 2017.4 to fix a regression
    that broke flatpak: #798
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: d4b87e7b4d2fe1f931f18d2ae62d88e90442d5957a36e0caab12df5f3faa6409adc03b9d60b966a1b4c065d07ff9a8986ee9e05faa000a55c5651d62e74bb745
  • debian/2017.4-1
    4b52fcb3 · 2017.4-1 ·
    ostree Debian release 2017.4-1
  • debian/2016.15-4_bpo8+1
    5fd5c150 · 2016.15-4~bpo8+1 ·
    ostree Debian release 2016.15-4~bpo8+1
  • upstream/2017.4
    Upstream version 2017.4
  • v2017.4
    8742287b · Release 2017.4 ·
    Release 2017.4
    A notable new feature in this release is a *fourth* repository
    mode: "bare-user-only". This is very similar to `bare-user`, but
    canonicalizes permissions and ignores xattrs.  The intended
    use of this is for "non-OS" container tools such as flatpak, where one
    intentionally discards the traditional file ownership.
    (I'm calling this container case "non-OS" to distinguish from other container tools
     where one might want to "log in" via PAM and supporting distinct UIDs
     inside a single container is valuable)
    More information:
    We have a few new APIs, such as `ostree_check_version()` which is
    important when making use of some of the "API extensions" we have
    using `GVariant` on e.g. `ostree_repo_pull_with_options()`.
    The diff is a bit larger due to us switching to a new code style.
    Another quite important change is that `ostree trivial-httpd` is
    disabled by default.  With a libcurl build, this is the last part
    that links to libsoup.  It's only needed for unit tests, so can
    be subpackaged or discarded.  (We're doing the latter for Fedora)
    Speaking of curl, we now support `--with-openssl` which enables
    using OpenSSL's `libcrypto` for SHA256.  This can be notably faster.
    You likely want this if e.g. `libcurl` is already linked to OpenSSL
    for you.  I'm increasingly confident in the curl code, and should
    be ready to recommend using it by default in the next release or
    Thanks to all contributors!
    Alexander Larsson (4):
          Add _ostree_repo_mode_is_bare helper
          Add bare-user-only repo mode
          commit: Add --canonical-permissions argument
          Add basic tests for bare-user-only repo modes
    André Klitzing (2):
          Avoid unnecessary includes
          Fix includes if built against musl
    Anton Gerasimov (1):
          Define TARGET_PREFIX to use with grub2 deployment
    Colin Walters (46):
          Disable "ostree trivial-httpd" by default now
          core: Add runtime ostree_check_version()
          builtin/show: Convert to direct return/decl-after-stmt style
          pull: Squash a `-Wmaybe-uninitialized` warning
          lib: Exclude soup header from introspection
          lib: Squash most of the gtk-doc warnings for missing parameters
          lib: Add a private copy of checksum-instream
          core: Support building with OpenSSL for checksums
          sysroot/deploy: Some cleanup to decl-after-stmt/return FALSE style
          sysroot: Prep refactoring of cleanup logic
          build: Quiet automake warning for bupsplit
          build: Various fixes for openssl build
          Bump libglnx, port a few callers to new error API
          sepolicy: Add ostree_sepolicy_new_at()
          sepolicy: Add better private API for setfscreatecon
 Add a syntax check for a redundant : in glnx_throw
          repo/refs: Convert to new code style
          sysroot: Add ostree_sysroot_write_deployments_with_options()
          core: Convert some functions to new code style
          build: Dist ostree-sepolicy-private.h
          commit: Prefix error with target object name on failure to write
          repo+tests: Add [core]disable-xattrs=true, use it on overlayfs
          pull: Also skip partial commits for deltas if no summary file
          ci: Enable -Werror=unused-result with -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
          sysroot: Don't cache sepolicy
          repo/commit: Change most of this file to new code style
          build: Expose autocleanups unconditionally, start using them
          lib: Fix OSTREE_CHECK_VERSION()
          lib: Delete old GFile path helpers, and migrate single last user
          lib: Delete old unused GFile helpers
          libutil: Delete unused threadpool wrapper
          libutil: Delete unused GVariant I/O functions
          libutil: Delete some unused checksum helper API
          libutil: Delete some unused error handling APIs
          Add Coccinelle usage: one for blacklisting, one for patch collection
          sepolicy: Fix regressions from introduction of sepolicy_new_at()
          Add flag to make SELinux label failure fatal, add hack for /proc
          ci: Add a check that submodule changes include "Update submodule: "
          core: Fix default value of disable_xattrs
          repo/core: Convert some functions to new code style
          soup: Hold a ref to the pending URI during completion processing
          sysroot/deploy: More code style conversion
          curl: Enable pipelining for HTTP/2
          Fix a few gtk-doc warnings
          checkout: Provide useful error with checkout -H and incompat mode
          Release 2017.4
    Daniel J Walsh (1):
          sysroot/unlock: Ensure overlay label on /usr is `usr_t`
    Erik Larsson (1):
          diff: Add ostree_diff_dirs_with_options(), expose via cmdline
    Georges Basile Stavracas Neto (1):
          libostree: add versioning macros
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 71f0649308f04f15eb6a22b4b34c2804d680d5870dd3b6391079fa2be6c0f4df74e7ed4f8abbb461104ad23707ecf38587b187a8bd240a9979e4800c13efce78
  • debian/2017.3-2
    f53ca70a · 2017.3-2 ·
    ostree Debian release 2017.3-2
  • debian/2016.15-4
    2ee9f32a · 2016.15-4 ·
    ostree Debian release 2016.15-4