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  • v2016.3
    3d7098bc · Release 2016.3 ·
    Release 2016.3
    This is a quick followup to the previous release.  The build was broken
    with `-Werror=format` on 32 bit - we didn't have any 32 bit CI, a problem
    which I'll be remedying in the future.
    There was also a regression with static delta offline execution as used
    by xdg-app.
    Besides that, Alex discovered that our handling of endianness in static
    deltas was wrong - we tried to canonicalize everything to big endian,
    but the size was missing.
    Newly generated deltas will now have an endianness marker which we
    will honor.  For older deltas, we'll apply some heuristics which in my
    testing work well (basically if the delta sizes are in exabytes,
    that's probably byteswapped).
    Alexander Larsson (2):
          deltas: Fix regression in ostree_repo_static_delta_execute_offline
          rofiles-fuse: Handle operations on the root
    Colin Walters (8):
          libarchive: Fix a 32 bit format warning
          lib: Two more compiler warning fixes
          deltas: Fix some more 32 bit warnings
          deltas: Include an endianness marker
          deltas: Use endianness marker when parsing
          deltas: Heuristically detect endianness for older deltas
          deltas: Add a compression size heuristic for endianness detection
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 3517badace5a6d43c156cce2e1dcdcef7f2caa5afe702608fc37bf81146b016d7df7c13f9b637d92be6371decefb6162eb84ccb4278fef2d5a58773b83989354
  • v2016.2
    f4d494a0 · Release 2016.2 ·
    Release 2016.2
    First, this release has us start taking documentation more seriously.
    The man pages and API doc are unchanged, but the "manual" has moved out
    of gtk-doc, been converted to Markdown for use with `mkdocs`.
    This is available at:
    The static delta design documents are moved into the manual as well.
    Look for more updates here in the future around things like designing
    build systems, managing repositories, more implementation details,
    Speaking of static deltas, there is now support in the pull API (and
    command line) for showing how much content data would be downloaded
    (and used uncompressed).  This is intended for use with OS updater
    command lines and GUIs (like Cockpit).
    Another notable change is that we've merged in a FUSE utility called
    `rofiles-fuse`.  This doesn't itself depend on OSTree, nor does OSTree
    depend on it, but they're very useful together.  Specifically, if one
    is designing a build system that uses OSTree, or running the
    equivalent of RPM `%post` scripts, `rofiles-fuse` can help ensure that
    the build process doesn't mutate any of the hardlinks.  Though this
    can also be addressed through container runtimes, not all systems are
    ready to expose container features to unprivileged users.
    There is also some improvements in underlying infrastructure for
    supporting import and export of Docker images.  The primary changes
    here are better tar support, and OSTree now understands "whiteout"
    files, and optionally processes them during checkout.
    Besides this, there are various bugfixes, including a notable one to
    fix use of client side TLS certificates.
    Thanks to all contributors!
    $ git shortlog v2016.1..
    Alexander Larsson (1):
          build: Use threadsafe GPGME
    Colin Walters (38):
    Giuseppe Scrivano (2):
          diff: do not traverse parent commits
          build: 'make clean' removes parse-datetime.c
    Joaquim Rocha (1):
          build: Link ostree with libarchive
    Jonathan Lebon (1):
          ostree-sysroot: add debug option to help testing
    Matthew Barnes (1):
          fetcher: Fix hung GTlsInteraction
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 3f8357c770694c13b9ed5442a0bba69fda8a82b20b6a42b5853d7702315f3cd28304b5214c2f3babfb66199d04cbd5c8ca520524e3c1417224c59a32dadd7df4
  • debian/2016.1-alexlarsson1_wily1
    Debian release 2016.1-alexlarsson1~wily1
  • upstream/2016.1
    Upstream version 2016.1
  • upstream/2016.1+deb
    Upstream version 2016.1
  • v2016.1
    587fc5a5 · Release 2016.1 ·
    Release 2016.1
    Notable commits:
    * Alexander Larsson contributed changes to better isolate concurrent use of
      OSTree pulls into the same repository:
          repo: Use per-transaction staging dir
          repo: Allocate a tmpdir for each OstreeFetcher to isolate concurrent downloads
    * Colin Walters added two new APIs that make it easier to optimize
      committing new trees from previously generated content:
          repo: Expose dfd-relative mtree writes as public API
          repo: Add APIs for devino optimization between checkout -> commit
      and contributed build fixes as well as internal optimizations for deployment writing.
    * Giuseppe Scrivano enhanced the prune command:
          prune: add new flag --static-deltas-only
    * Jonathan Lebon made `grub2-mkconfig` work reliably when *not* run by OSTree:
          grub2_generate: load sysroot before using it
    * Matthew Barnes added a new remote command:
          remote: Add "ostree remote summary" command
      and contributed several other cleanups inside the HTTP fetcher.
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: d878898cbb3058fa168fbc193926c89cafbe28c2329f1757cf1cf452f3fd11a9da436978cee66010edb96f215ebc119efbdc7506058098805585d89b9a457f66
  • v2015.11
    6335dadb · Release 2015.11 ·
    Release 2015.11
    This releases fixes an important regression in v2015.10 where `ostree
    commit` would write invalid timestamps.
    There is one user-visible change in that `ostree remote refs`
    now prints the remote name, for convenient copy/paste.
    Colin Walters (2):
          gpg-verifier: Fix compiler warning
          Release 2015.11
    Matthew Barnes (7):
          repo: Never delete .commitmeta files
          trivial-httpd: Avoid SoupBuffer when there's no content
          glnx: Update from master
          fetcher: Remove "sending_messages" hash table
          fetcher: Remove "total_requests" counter
          remote: Print full refspec in "ostree remote refs"
          repo: Fix backwards timestamp in ostree_repo_write_commit()
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: d20ca561036e517b5c05e3bdc88c171b174cd7a66c2929e95466c6091a20ec36b9886681e9e9be5d2a798b3b3f2dfc886dd9fc324073c6bafba29e08bbf9e202
  • v2015.9
    bb14a336 · Release 2015.9 ·
    Release 2015.9
    There aren't any major new features, but this release has some notable
    bugfixes.  For example, 2015.8 broke xdg-app due to an internal
    change in how mainloop contexts were handled for pull - that's now fixed.
    Another notable change is a new API `ostree_sysroot_prepare_cleanup()` which
    is now used by `ostree admin deploy`.  What this enables is to do:
    ostree pull repo:$commitid
    ostree admin deploy repo:$commitid
    Before this, `admin deploy` would prune the repository, removing the
    un-referenced commit.
    In other words, you can now more easily pull the exact (possibly
    older) commit you want and deploy it.
    New contributors:
     - Leandro Santiago
     - Gatis Paeglis
    Bugfixes from:
     - Alexander Larsson
     - Colin Walters
     - Giuseppe Scrivano
     - Matthew Barnes
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: d528475ccdc65a882cdda8d2a5f9b1925a599d65b51207e2dace4a4a3ea14a71d5f1dc6803077d1b62b51ac7b03816b249a982d8da074ddbe198accd8476c341
  • v2015.8
    5a4b87b1 · Release 2015.8 ·
    Release 2015.8
    There are some important bugfixes in this release for users who do
    multiple `ostree_repo_pull()` inside a single process lifetime, which
    is necessary for use by daemons.
    Yet more fixes continue to land for static deltas.  I'm still not
    ready to declare them stable - it's clearly a case of the last 20%
    being 80% of the work.  Something that's on my radar again is bsdiff;
    Beyond that there is some neat new work on a command line (and API)
    for inspecting remote repositories without downloading the content.
    For OS vendors which provide multiple branches, this should be quite
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 6dd75187dd67fd0dd53c7c06bbf0ef2cd5991819af4f5bd234c4b39dbdb7ae4c1a5b6c578e7acaa63fdecfc6e5df2eb9c7830021931b56528870cb6a37a834be
  • v2015.7
    44e7e59d · Release 2015.7 ·
    Release 2015.7
    ExtendedVerify-SHA256-archive-tar: ec5404976139d567ece1805a8441fea50bd9e7cd6ab3f9a87ca1bd6655b5d61c
    ExtendedVerify-git-version: git version
  • v2015.6
    178d8ff1 · Release 2015.6 ·
    Release 2015.6
    ExtendedVerify-SHA256-archive-tar: c0f802e39ee060124812a642b40dbffd6beaabfa64e4d24d3d3fb57e2c6eeb61
    ExtendedVerify-git-version: git version
  • v2015.5
    bc5c9fca · Release 2015.5 ·
    Release 2015.5
    ExtendedVerify-SHA256-archive-tar: a7ee475ce7d34000ded28948fd7040e28277fb0068e344deb9857873d54de715
  • v2015.4
    f89032f5 · Release 2015.4 ·
    Release 2015.4
    ExtendedVerify-SHA256-archive-tar: 91321dca420d119a2c0447242ed856b8ff99b25af993637ed3b72a61f06fa1b2
  • v2015.3
    94e2ac02 · Release 2015.3 ·
    Release 2015.3
  • v2015.1
    a9532bc3 · Release 2015.1 ·
    Release 2015.1
  • v2014.13
    fd07a6a8 · Release 2014.13 ·
    Release 2014.13
  • v2014.12
    f8a3d82d · Release 2014.12 ·
    Release 2014.12
  • v2014.11
    a4d82ab6 · Release 2014.11 ·
    Release 2014.11
  • v2014.10
    bcf40b49 · pull: Add depth support ·
    Release 2014.10
  • v2014.9
    159c7537 · Release 2014.9 ·
    Release 2014.9