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  • debian/2016.12-2_bpo8+1
    5259cf9b · 2016.12-2~bpo8+1 ·
    ostree Debian release 2016.12-2~bpo8+1
  • v2016.13
    36c89468 · Release 2016.13 ·
    Release 2016.13
    There is one notable feature in this release - we
    now support per-remote cookies, which can be used
    for systems like Amazon CloudFront that can be configured
    to require them for access.
    Another interesting change is the static delta generation
    process was tweaked to look for "similar" filenames, which
    for example should ensure we get dracut's "reproducible"
    initramfs in the delta.
    That aside, it's mostly smaller bugfixes here, such
    as memory leaks.  Another good example of a bugfix
    is `pull: Don't do deltas with --commit-metadata-only`.
    Thanks to all contributors!
    Alexander Larsson (1):
          Fix pruning of partial commits
    Colin Walters (14):
          docs: Link to releng-scripts
          tests: Skip libarchive/selinux tests if in container without SELinux
          tree-wide: Remove unused variables detected by CLang
          otutil: Note that ot_log_structured takes a printf format
          parse-datetime: Use labs() for long input value
          deploy: Suppress unused variable warning for fscreatecon cleanup
          Define an initializer for GVariant{Builder,Dict}
          libglnx: Bump to master (for -fsanitize fixes)
          remote-refs: Add NULL terminator to options array
          ci: Use -fsanitize=undefined by default
          repo: Don't put remote refs in the summary file
          pull: Don't do deltas with --commit-metadata-only
          deltas: Only keep one file open at a time during compilation
          Release 2016.13
    Giuseppe Scrivano (1):
          static-delta: find a similar filename using what is before '.' or '-'
    Jonathan Lebon (3):
          .redhat-ci.yml: add clang
          delta: return valid enum member
          .redhat-ci.yml: use new build key
    Simon McVittie (14):
          Force C.UTF-8 or C locale for tests
          Distribute test scripts even if we wouldn't run them
          Distribute valgrind suppressions in tarballs
          _ostree_kernel_args_replace_take: don't leak when replacing
          ot_admin_builtin_set_origin: don't leak options GVariant
          ostree_builtin_pull: consistently set free-function on refs_to_fetch
          ostree_admin_option_context_parse: explicitly clean up when exiting early
          ostree_sysroot_upgrader_finalize: free new_revision
          _ostree_sysroot_write_deployments_internal: stop leaking hash table
          keyfile_set_from_vardict: free the string array
          ostree_repo_pull_with_options: clear dirs array
          ot_remote_builtin_show_url: autofree context
          Fix some leaks of floating GVariants
          load_metadata_internal: don't leak GBytes
    Sjoerd Simons (8):
          Filter bootloader supplied kernel cmdline options
          pull: Add per-remote cookie jar
          remote: Add command to list cookies
          remote: Add commands to add and remove cookies for a remote
          OsreeFetcher: Treat 403 as not found
          trivial-httpd: Add support for checking cookies
          tests: Add test for the cookie jar handling
          Update documentation for cookie handling commands
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 905067d8a6ba66af636a7de20baa779b661a4e4df9b13fe95b1883c1db34b700b180e854af22866cd93e51d59a24b062cfbb1ce444342076eabcdf7d05900f67
  • debian/2016.12-2
    ostree Debian release 2016.12-2
  • debian/2016.12-1
    b9dd03b6 · 2016.12-1 ·
    ostree Debian release 2016.12-1
  • upstream/2016.12
    Upstream version 2016.12
  • v2016.12
    d3f14f02 · Release 2016.12 ·
    Release 2016.12
    This is a smaller point release that mostly brings in some pull API enhancements
    for flatpak.
    Two other notable changes:
      - We now support proxies that require basic auth
      - We create hardlinks to symlinks (do watch out for any regressions from this)
    Alexander Larsson (5):
          pull: Support inherit-transaction
          pull: Support multiple specifications of --subpath
          Fix regression for symlinks in bare-user repos
          ostree_repo_read_commit_detached_metadata: Handle parent repo
          detached metadata: Put these in transaction
    Colin Walters (2):
          core: Do create hardlinks to symlinks for checkouts
          Release 2016.12
    Jonathan Lebon (5):
          docs: amend vmlinuz & initramfs naming convention
          ostree-sysroot-deploy.c: delete redundant check
          OstreeFetcher: provide proxy credentials if needed
          add .redhat-ci.yml and .redhat-ci.Dockerfile
          .redhat-ci.yml: use projectatomic/ostree-tester
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 5eaafb1caf50a53e64d316ac624958b2878b849c65bbbc7aae4a2a90cf4053a3dcc134a8c4474185c12f6c9dce036acc00e2087c3027d230a5a7a6099a216e63
  • debian/2016.11-1_bpo8+1
    732b70b6 · Release 2016.11-1~bpo8+1 ·
    ostree Debian release 2016.11-1~bpo8+1
  • debian/2016.11-1
    3a097b18 · 2016.11-1 ·
    ostree Debian release 2016.11-1
  • upstream/2016.11
    Upstream version 2016.11
  • v2016.11
    a0e1344c · Release 2016.11 ·
    Release 2016.11
    Just a collection of smaller fixes.  One thing I want to note
    is that 2016.10 regressed things to flip fsync back on by default
    for users of `ostree_repo_checkout_at` (notably rpm-ostree).  This
    is now fixed.  We also continue dropping unecessary calls to `fsync()`
    in favor of our global `syncfs()`.
    This release also fixes integration with
    `systemd-journal-flush.service`, ensuring that systems configured for
    persistent journal have it saved correctly.
    Colin Walters (10):
          pull: Do allow executing deltas when mirroring into bare{,-user}
          sysroot: Port some small cleanup code to fd-relative
          sysroot: Port origin writing code to fd-relative
          sysroot: Drop an fsync for origin file when writing deployments
          sysroot: Drop an unnecessary fsync
          boot: Ensure we remount /var writable before systemd does journal flush
          checkout: Fix fsync defaults for new API to be off for real
          trivial-httpd: Port mostly to fd-relative
          libglnx: Update to latest
          Release 2016.11
    Dan Nicholson (1):
          admin: Allow running status unlocked
    Jonathan Lebon (3):
          static-delta: add some error handling
          ostree_sysroot_init_osname: also create /var/log
          docs: add mention of rpm-ostree package layering
    Owen W. Taylor (2):
          ostree-repo.c: Fix file descriptor cleanup
          ostree_sysroot.c: Don't close sysroot_fd twice.
    Simon McVittie (1):
          Fix spelling of "repository"
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: fe19f9c9c5ac8971b02a5c3eb4ed199b4334c4505c02a876b094cf712fac002f1a9c3710514e9e9e575af6c91c11123ca7675c42dbce4bba3f3497af2881db3c
  • debian/2016.10-1_bpo8+2
    ostree Debian release 2016.10-1~bpo8+2
  • debian/2016.10-1_bpo8+1
    ostree Debian release 2016.10-1~bpo8+1
  • debian/2016.10-1
    d7132eda · 2016.10-1 ·
    ostree Debian release 2016.10-1
  • upstream/2016.10
    Upstream version 2016.10
  • debian/2016.9-2
    ostree Debian release 2016.9-2
  • v2016.10
    36e8ba12 · Release 2016.10 ·
    Release 2016.10
    First, this release reverts a previous change to use a mtime of `1`
    back to `0`.  This will affect flatpak and users who have set up
    build systems to set that mtime, but it restores compatibility
    with systems which were using the previous zero value.  For more information,
    Another notable bit is we fixed a race condition in pull when the
    upstream ref hadn't changed.
    OSTree also learned about split metadata/content fetches and
    `mirrorlist` URIs.  Generally, the idea with this is that you set up a
    centralized set of metadata servers that are secured via pinned TLS
    etc., and content fetches can occur via more local mirrors.
    Besides that, there is continued work on initramfs-less systems, and
    some fixes for resource use during delta generation.
    Colin Walters (8):
          repo: Revert default timestamp from 1 back to 0
          delta: Add missing `goto out` for failure to mmap()
          repo: Only use mmap() for metadata > 16k
          delta: Unreference files we've processed
          fetcher: Fix another finalization deadlock
          sysroot: Avoid double cleanup, and ensure no cleanup if specified
          core: Make OSTREE_TIMESTAMP public API
          Release 2016.10
    Dan Nicholson (3):
          build: Set --enable-man during distcheck
          build: Distribute man page XML source
          build: Actually distribute man page XML source
    Giuseppe Scrivano (1):
          gpg: do not segfault when the algorithm name is not known
    Jonathan Lebon (7):
          pull code: support contenturl setting
          trivial-httpd: prepend timestamp in log file
          pull: drop fetching_sync_uri
          pull: add mirrorlist support
          libtest: add has_gpgme() helper function
          tests: add tests for contenturl and mirrorlist
          pull code: clean up mirrorlist hack
    William Manley (4):
          switchroot: Fix build on Ubuntu
          switchroot: Fix test-switchroot now autotools can build static
          ostree-prepare-root: Error if realpath fails
          ostree-prepare-root: Fix running with musl
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: affd25071654468e3fcc1d321afb6ade531550dc4f31fe3cd425adeeee9ecd4f56108a12aadd4c5404256409cf00c7821ff10d33afaa50dc38604c2323dc7901
  • debian/2016.9-1
    05a9a7e9 · 2016.9-1 ·
    ostree Debian release 2016.9-1
  • upstream/2016.9
    Upstream version 2016.9
  • upstream/2016.8
    Upstream version 2016.8
  • v2016.9
    dd71999d · Release 2016.9 ·
    Release 2016.9
    This release is mostly smaller fixes.  A few things to
    highlight: I'm looking forward to William Manley's continued
    work on better support for systems without an initramfs; in
    general I hope to make OSTree even more appealing for the
    smaller embedded space.
    Another thing I want to note is the fix to `rofiles-fuse` has been
    another key enabler for rpm-ostree package layering, and should in
    general be more useful for anyone doing build systems using OSTree.
    Adam Miller (1):
          fix typo in docs/manual/
    Colin Walters (12):
          libostree.sym: Add 2016.9 section
          prune: Elaborate on what formats are accepted by dates
          fixup! fix typo in docs/manual/
          test-rofiles-fuse: Actually check out via hardlinks
          rofiles-fuse: Rework to be based on nlink
          pull: Make .commitpartial files world readable
          repo: Add prefixes to errors for querying size/deleting
          lib: Add an API to list only "our" objects, fix prune to use it
          sysroot: Drop unnecessary `dup()` invocation
          sysroot: Add a flag to suppress post-deploy cleanup
          commit: Don't delete tmp/cache dir
          Release 2016.9
    Dan Nicholson (7):
          deltas: Handle cleanup of fd array properly
          deltas: Use F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC properly
          pull-local: Support requiring static deltas
          tests: Ensure deltas for pulling when needed
          pull: Disable static deltas by default for local pulls
          tests: Test that local pulls do not use deltas
          repo: Really ignore progress changed user data
    Gatis Paeglis (2):
          Move ostree-* executables to /usr/lib/ostree
          u-boot: Merge ostree's and systems uEnv.txt
    Georges Basile Stavracas Neto (1):
          repo-pull: properly store the cancellable
    Giuseppe Scrivano (1):
          pull: use same name for parameter and documentation comment
    Jonathan Lebon (6):
          ostree_bootdir: prepend $(prefix) to path
          ostree_bootdir: properly preprend $(prefix)
          manual/ reword bits about the summary file
          pull_with_options: fix remote parameter name & desc
          pull_with_options: allow GPG verification override
          pull_with_options: fix stray return FALSE
    William Manley (4):
          switchroot: Fix building with musl libc
          ostree-prepare-root: Allow building statically with musl
          switchroot: Replace custom error printing with err/warn functions from libc
          switchroot: Move `path_is_on_readonly_fs` to header file
    Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 70fe4d4e0f099928a33333afc52f2a7f862ad42d98241c6d30d094330eb3c416fcbcfd113a501e71733a2aedbdd6bc353f8b3cf95120f489670dd9585fed31c7