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port to ModemManagerQt and split the gui and daemons to subprojects

Introducing new related subprojects:

  • kde-telephony-plugin-declarative — org.kde.telephony QML plugin to work with the daemon
  • kde-telephony-daemon — telephony daemon with org.kde.telephony D-Bus interfaces (KDE-specific: contacts, audio, notifications), depends on calls-daemon
  • modem-daemon — general daemon with org.kde.telephony D-Bus interfaces (not KDE-specific: ModemManagerQt, calls history and dialing, dtmf, ussd); similar to mmsd and vvmd
  • kde-telephony-meta — D-Bus XML Interface descriptions and Qt meta types to simplify complex types re-usage among the QML plugin and the daemon

Rename QML interface from org.kde.plasma.dialer to org.kde.telephony.

Contributes to #10 (closed) and #39 (closed)

Edited by Alexey Andreyev

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