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kstyle: Add QFocusFrame to non-view/delegate interactive widgets

Noah Davis requested to merge work/ndavis/focusframe into master

There are 2 parts that contain the bulk of the code in this patch.

Style::event() is used to apply the QFocusFrame to a widget when it gets focus with a keyboard input related focus reason. If the focused widget has a focusProxy, this makes sure the QFocusFrame is applied to the focusProxy instead.

Style::drawFocusFrame() is mostly what you'd expect. It draws a focus frame based on the type of widget the QFocusFrame was applied to. I had to do a workaround for QFocusFrame not fully repainting outside the bounds of QSliders and QDials when the handle moves though. What I do is check if _focusFrame is defined and then _focusFrame->update().

BUG: 443469


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