[kcm/kwinrules] Launch full KCM when invoked from window menu

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When rules configuration is invoked from window Alt+F3 menu, we call a custom binary kwin_rules_dialog which currently provides only the rule edition dialog by embedding RulesEditor.qml within a QQuickView.

This MR changes that behavior to call the full KCM from the menu. The code to match previous rules, or compose a new one based on window properties has been ported to the KCM from the dialog, so the overall interaction is similar.

It has several advantages:

  • works on wayland (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=421405) (upstream bug seems to be fixed?)
  • uses one single entry-point to the code
  • translation domain works (already fixed)
  • adds discoverability to the full KCM (I guess many users know how to create a rule, but not where to delete it later)

There is currently a drawback, because only one instance of the KCM can be called at a time, so calling it from two different windows, or if the the KCM is open in System Settings, it will show an error message:


This can be solved with the following MRs in kcm-related frameworks, which provide live KCM updating via dBus:

BUG: 421405 BUG: 433837 CCBUG: 417923

kwin_rules_dialog kcm_custom_launcher

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