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ComponentChooser: Add more default applications

Thiago Sueto requested to merge work/thiago/morecomponents into master


  • Fix section topPadding, probably somewhere in Kirigami. (Reported as a Kirigami.FormLayout issue:
  • Refactor the saveMimeTypeAssociation to a saveMimeTypeAssociations batch for multiple mimetypes at once
  • Add a m_mimetypes/getMimeTypes() to ComponentChooser.
  • Check in saveMimeTypeAssociation that the application's KService supports the mimetype it is supposed to be assigned to.

The existing default applications are:

  • Web Browser
  • File Manager
  • Email Client
  • Terminal Emulator
  • Map (added by Volker in !756 (merged) for Plasma 5.24)
  • Dialer (added by Kai in !787 (merged) for Plasma 5.24)

This MR adds a few default application settings:

  • Text Editor (recommended: Kate)
  • PDF Viewer (recommended: Okular)
  • Image Viewer (recommended: Gwenview)
  • Music Player (recommended: Elisa)
  • Video Player (recommended: Haruna)
  • Archive Manager (recommended: Ark)

This also:

  • Reorders the comboboxes of the default applications
  • Changes m_type and type to m_category and category for clarity since those refer to the Category section of the .desktop files
  • Formats stuff with clang-format (otherwise git wouldn't let me commit)

Feedback needed:

  • I think the page is kinda bare with just a list of comboboxes, what do you think?

Solution: include a button to showcase which mimetypes are associated with the application Solution: in the future, add an extra page to the KCM to add more niche default applications, like chat apps

  • Should I be extensive with the mimetype lists?

Solution: no, use a mimetypes list that is common to most apps

Thoughts for the future:

  • Software store (recommended: Discover)
  • IDE (recommended: KDevelop)
  • Archive manager (recommended: Ark)
  • Word Processor (recommended: LibreOffice Writer)
  • Spreadsheet Editor (recommended: LibreOffice Calc)
  • Slide editor (recommended: LibreOffice Impress)
  • Chat apps

How it looks now:

(ignore the pink folder, that's from the accent color)


BUG: 454759 BUG: 393812 BUG: 232545 FIXED-IN: 5.26

Edited by Thiago Sueto

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