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Add an option to apply accent color from wallpaper

This add an option to set accent color from wallpaper. The way it works is that it exposes some dbus calls. If a wallpaper plugin support wallpaper accent color then it should say so by this dbus call when starting up and also should say which wallpaper is being currently used(for the purpose of extracting color)/or set a accent color itself. After that it should keep declaring the wallpaper or set accent color whenever wallpaper changes or whenever the plugin author thinks it is appropriate to say so. There is already an implementation of color extracting algorithm which the plugin can use or if they don't like it, then they can set whatever accent color acquired by whatever mean. I have already done the necessary dbus calls for the official image and wallpaper plugin. So they should work out of the box.


Requires and plasma-desktop!774 (merged)

BUG: 444676 FIXED-IN: 5.25

Edited by Fushan Wen

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