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Don't let back arrow be re-colored to monochrome

The back button uses a custom content item with the icon being provided by Kirigami.Icon. Unfortunately, Kirigami.Icon currently suffers from an issue that causes colored icons that end with "-symbolic" to be forced to monochrome. See

There is an open merge request to fix that (frameworks/kirigami!511 (closed)), but the fix is in Frameworks, which means it will only get to people who use rolling release distros or whose packagers backport the fix.

This commit targeted at the Plasma/5.24 branch only is a local workaround intended to alleviate the situation for LTS distro users who are less likely to get the frameworks fix, once it's merged. The master branch doesn't need the workaround since we can hope that the Frameworks fix will be merged before Plasma 5.25.

CCBUG: 451538

Before, icon theme with a colored icon After, icon theme with a colored icon
Before After

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